e-Campaign Participant Info

Just a bit of info for those coming to the campaign:


  • You will hit the ground running so be ready! You are joining the SCMI team who has spent months getting signed letters of invitation to high schools, colleges, and universities--some of which are very remote. You will join teams made up of SMCIans, and visitors from several countries. Everyone is assigned to a team-you won't all be together. 
  • LORD willing, there will be a briefing and those new to the campaign will have a mentor for the first few days.
  • The days are spent preaching the Gospel in classrooms, assemblies, to groups on the grass, evening evangelistic meetings, wherever the IC has arranged students to be available to hear. 
  • You start very early and finish late at night. 
  • Everyone gives the Gospel in classrooms, so you should be ready! We always have more opportunities than preachers. You may give the Gospel 5-10 times a day in some cases. 
  • When you are not preaching, you will be traveling and probably eating along the way. 
  • You will leave early in the a.m. and get home late every night. 

  • Know and understand the Gospel-be ready to share it in 20 minutes
  • You will be the first introduction of SMCI and the Gospel to many of the schools you are going to. We try to open new schools with the campaign and foreign visitors. You will be doing during this time what our workers do every day! (Minus the discipleship and Bible Study.) So be neatly dressed and respectful.
  • Be ready and willing to proclaim anytime you are called upon.
  • Be praying when others are proclaiming.
  • Look with eyes open to white harvest wherever you go and let the Spirit lead!

  • Men should wear long pants
  • Closed shoes
  • Collared or polo shirts
  • NO FLIP FLOPS--they are shower/toilet shoes in the Philippines and filthy--not appropriate for church or school. 
  • Ladies should wear nice skirts or slacks and blouses -simple and neat
  • Closed shoes or nice sandals
  • NO FLIP FLOPS--they are shower/toilet shoes in the Philippines and filthy--not appropriate for church or school. 
    IMPORTANT NOTES About Appearance:
    • Most students will be wearing uniforms, the letters that have been  attained will allow you to stand in the place of the teacher and preach for 20 minutes... so we dress respectfully understanding our privilege and desiring to build a relationship for future ministry! 
    • Our team members will wear their best, keep in mind, they are very poor... but it will be their best. It's rugged and many schools are remote. 
    • Some of the people are poor--so not a lot of jewelry, fancy shoes, or electronic items please.

    Always be ready early or at least on time or you will be left behind.  If someone has to stay with you, that is two persons classrooms full of people who will not hear the Gospel that day. We are very serious about the Gospel! ;)


    You might want to bring a light towel, just in case and carry a handkerchief. Take vitamins, build your immunity. There is flu here too, so decongestant is good but the team doctor or nurses will have meds for the team. 

    Have a great time! So excited you are coming!


    One last thing, someone's eternity can change forever if you prepare your heart and life and are ready to serve!  Wow! So, guard your heart on the travel.  Don't be fooled thinking you can fill your mind with lousy movies or violent video games and then preach with power when you arrive in the Philippines! ;) Make the right choices!

    Remembering It's All About Jesus

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