Wednesday, 26 July 2017

A Divine Appointment!

Day 23 of 33

"We went to the principal's office this morning to wait for the students to get in to their classrooms. While there, a teacher heard that we are from SMCI. 

She approached us with a smile on her face and asked if we were really from Student Movement for Christ International.😊 She was very happy to meet Ptr. Mike Redick (SMCI President) coz just last Sunday she found a "Be Sure" booklet written by him in her house (she got it few years ago when the eCampaign came to her school) and read it from cover to cover. 

We handed her this year's eCampaign new booklet "How To Have A Relationship with God" and she promised to read it too. 

God's word will not return to Him void! Prayed for her salvation.💗 Pictured: Ate Cathy (Team USA) and the teacher.

From: Daphne, SMCI Staff

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