Sunday, 2 July 2017

What Is The #smcieCampaign2017 ?

T Minus One Day!
Sunday Morning, the Philippines

It's the eve of the Annual Student Movement for Christ International Evangelistic Campaign or, for those in the know #smciecampaign2017!

With all but two of the participants having reached the rendezvous point, Sunday morning will be spent in Worship and preparation for the week ahead.

What happens during the SMCI eCampaign?

Simply said, it is a time of pure Gospel declaring!  Going island to island for the next 5 weeks, believers from all of the world will join the SMCI Staff and GrowPoint Pastors in room to room evangelism on college and high school campuses. The SMCI Teams have arranged these opportunities over the past year and on Monday, the opportunities begin!

Follow this blog to come along with us and see what great and mighty things the LORD will do!

And if you want to join a team, try the prayer team first and pray us through to victory!

Start by asking the LORD to :

  • open doors
  • enable and empower the messengers
  • soften and prepare hearts
  • grant safety in travel

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