Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Day 3: Mon, 4 July #smciecamp2016

Monday, 4 July 2016

What an amazing day! Today is the first day of room to room evangelism in the #smciecamp2016 !  Week 1 has folks from the Philippines, Singapore, USA, and India sharing the Gospel.  There are team members below 5 and over 60! We are thankful for each and every one! There have been 288 opportunities to share the Gospel!

As of Monday, the stats read:

4th July 2016

schools visited: 27
opportunities to share the Gospel: 284
people who heard: 13,083
people who made a decision: 5508

#smciecamp2016 to Date

schools visited: 29
opportunities to share the Gospel: 288
people who heard: 14,147
people who made a decision: 5948

Timothy Noel Singapore Team D

Timothy Noel
4 July at 19:10
Day before Yesterday, Team D travelled 4 hours from Dumagette to reach Sipalay. The long ride just awakened us to the value we give to the Gospel. Investing our time, energy and a long ride on dirty, tough roads to reach remote areas is nothing compared to the power of the Gospel to save. It is when we realise it's value and are ready to invest in it that pleases the Holy Spirit to work in mighty ways.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

From Pastor Mike

Tomorrow we will begin the SMCI eCampaign proper! Thanks for being on board to pray! I would ask that you pray for safety on the roads as we will divide into 5 groups and head out! It's a busy week with many opportunities to preach the Gospel. Pray for Spirit filled speakers and listeners, sensitive hearts, wisdom and open doors!

From A-Teamer Hanniel

Hanniel Sinon
2 July at 04:52
Praise God for the wonderful start of #smciecamp2016 Teams have safely arrived and we had our first opportunity! There will be more opportunities tomorrow, lets pray together for more souls to be saved. #cuzitsreallyreal #thegospelislife

From A Veteran Prayer Warrior!

Sunil Jack
1 July at 19:40
It's a great privilege/ opportunity for me specially to pray for this wonderful ministry SMCI eCamp-2016. It's my prayer that, God would be the centre of this ministry and Blessed our beloved PM as he leads and direct the team, specially our Lord grant him good health, strength, patience and every needs .
Praying for SMCI Staffs and members,
Praying for Team, who are all committed to be a part of SMCI-2016, and their safe arrival.
Praying for the preaching of His Word,
Praying for Every Institution and for opening the door for SMCI,
Praying for every students and for their salvation,
Praying for all beloved, the travel, safety , health, good weather, food, shelter, and needs.

.... I'm so excited.

God be with you all

Your's prayer warrior

Saturday, 2 July 2016

The First Teams Are On The Way!

Hanniel Sinon, Singapore/Philippines, will be joining the A-team this year. SMCI eCampaigners can be invited to join for the entire campaign and travel as part of the A-Team and Pm has invited Hanniel! We are so excited to have him! He is already there and ready to go!

Jeff and Anna Musgrave, citizens of the world, are dear friends to SMCI! They have been an encouragement and part of the eCampaign for many years! We are so thankful to have them for the entire eCampaign. They will be A-Teamers arriving this morning!

Team Colorado, the first team from Victory Baptist Church in Western Colorado is led by last year's A-Teamer, Myles Yarnell.  Myles is brining his new bride Mariah and 3 other first-timers! They were delayed in Tokyo but are expected to arrive for Week 1 today!

Team Arizona is on the way! They are all first-time eCampaigners from Tri-City Baptist Church in Chandler, AZ! They are arriving this morning, Lord willing!

The Chong Family is coming! Kim Cheong and Hwee Min, who lead the SMCI teams from Singapore each year, have just arrived and the great news is that Caleb will be coming too for his first eCampaign! Welcome guys!

Team Life-Singapore, is coming in three groups! Jia Min came first and arrived safely! Kim Chong and Hwee Min, Caleb, Bianca, and Elizabeth have arrived and make up the second group with the third group arriving tomorrow! 

#smciecamp2016  #thegospelismylife  #cuzitsreallyreal   #smciecamp2016negros  

From Theresa Pang

Theresa Pang
1 July at 15:59
The Chongs' first e-Camp as a family! A dream come true for Kim Cheong and Hwee Min;) We are so very excited for them. May our good Lord use them well and may little Caleb experience the love of our God as he listens to the preaching of the gospel over and over again...and I pray that the gospel seed be planted deep in his heart and bring forth much fruit in the years to come...Go Caleb! ;) ,#smciecamp2016  #cuzitsreal