Thursday, 27 August 2015

Why Should You Join e-Campaign 2016?

I want you to know that I’m writing from the perspective of a full-time Christian worker. I do not think this makes me different from other Christians, but you might think, “Why does a full-time worker want to go on e-Campaign? I mean, aren’t they doing this sort of thing all the time? Shouldn’t they be working in the place God has put them?” Well, I hope to answer these questions and encourage you – whoever you might be – to consider joining in 2016!

Karina - Scotland by way of a RAN
This was my third time on e-Camp over a 5-year period. The first time, I was looking for direction in ministry – possibly into overseas missions. I had no idea what God had in mind – or how quickly He would work! He did open a door and a month after I finished my amazing 3 weeks in the Philippines, I was on my way to join a team in a RAN (Restricted Access Nation) with some of the wonderful people I had met on E-camp. God meets us, our need, and leads us when we take that step of faith in Him.

Although I haven’t been able to go every year to e-Camp since then, each time I do go I know the Lord has a purpose in my being there. On e-Camp there are opportunities to minister in all sorts of ways – not just in the classroom. As you find yourself in a large group of people from different nationalities, ages, backgrounds, and stages of life/Christian walk, God will open opportunities for you to share with them about what God has done and is doing in you. You might not even be aware of it at the time, but someone is going to need to hear the words you have to say, and it will impact them greatly. Of course, the reverse is also true. Others will minister to you in ways you might not expect.

Besides the team, and the students you get to preach the Gospel to every day (how amazing is that?!!), there will be others. For example, when I went to the Money Changer in the mall, I offered the clerk a tract to read before I left. As I reached the door he called me back and I was able to encourage him to seek the truth about the Gospel of Jesus. You just never know who is seeking.  Preaching the Gospel everyday (sometimes very many times!) is refreshing for the soul. As you tell others, you are reminding yourself of what you believe and why it is so important. 

Now, I’m back in the RAN with my team and we don’t get to talk so freely so often.  Going on e-Camp is like getting to swim in cool, fresh water after walking in the desert. It’s an oasis for many as more and more restrictions are placed on Christians being able to speak freely about what they believe (wherever you might live.)

I don’t know of anywhere else in the world where something like the SMCI eCampaign happens. So, what’s stopping you joining next year? Come and join the fun! God knows what you need and He’ll meet you, as He did me, when you take the step of faith.

Karina, Scotland

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