Monday, 10 August 2015

"I Will Never Forget..."

Vicki - USA
Vicki Tayloe
10 August at 11:50
As a photographer I have a slightly different approach to the students, my camera opens doors for me to engage people. Everywhere we went, the students asked for "picture, picture".....We had gone into one of the more remote mountain High Schools. I had just finished sharing with a combined class of 160 students seeing many accept Christ. Such a joy and I walked out I again heard "picture, picture, take our picture". I looked up to the highest "empty" building and saw a group of obviously older boys who were avoiding hearing us speak in the classes. So I walked up and offered the boys a trade....I would take their picture IF they would listen to why I had come to their school for 15 minutes. As I waited for the response, they were tattooed & obviously had a rough background. I felt such a strong burden to share with them. They agreed and I shared God's gift of eternal life. I will never forget their responses, to see them come alive in our Lord before my eyes was incredible. To see 13 young men accept Christ out of 15...I still hear their joyous responses and cries of "I will see you in Heaven", I look forward to seeing these precious brothers in Christ.

Dan and Vicki Tayloe are from TriCity Baptist Church in Chandler, AZ.  They served in Cebu and Bicol! This was their first eCampaign. 

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  1. I am hoping to go next year! Thanks for the encouragement!


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