Thursday, 13 August 2015

"I can do all things through Christ..."

Daphne - SMCI


Daphne Serion12 August 17:59 
At first I was so hesitant to join eCamp this year because of the weight of my responsibilities. I had a lot of excuses for God that "I can't & what if." I was fearful because I knew eCamp was hard work, there would be tough times behind the scenes, stressful moments & most of all I would be dealing w/ people w/ different personalities. But God gave me this verse one day, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." I claimed this verse during the preparations until the end of the campaign. And God never failed me. It was not an easy journey but it was really a sweet and memorable one. He gave me people to help me as well, so thankful for their love.

I was so blessed to travel and learn from the great men of God (PMike & PJeff). Blessed by the time spent w/people from USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, China and Indonesia (they are all awesome). 

Though we came from different backgrounds & cultures we were united in the love of Christ. My highlights would be- I experienced the Holy Spirit's presence in the classrooms, seeing students and teachers respond to the gospel, seeing Christians taking steps of faith, seeing believers being revived in their walk w/ God & making commitments for Him, & for the sweet friendships God gave me this trip. 

Nothing compares to God's working in the lives of people around me- because it also fires up my passion for God, for the lost & to press on in my Christian life.

Daphne is a fulltime SMCI team member serving on the Administrative Team and part of Team SMCI-Dumaguete.  Although she has served on the eCamp A-Team many times in many capacities, this year she took on the mantle of not only Financial Recording and Payments, but also Admin in charge of  foreign visitors. She did an awesome job and the LORD used her doing 2 major jobs and sharing the Gospel daily in schools with the teams. We praise the LORD for Daphne and pray that He will continue to grow her and lead her into the woman He would have her be!


  1. Thanks for letting the Lord use you in this way Daphne. Thanks for being so kind and welcoming to us.


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