Sunday, 16 August 2015

Expectation Grew!

Sister - China
This testimony is from one of our China team members.  China team members work very hard for years to be able to share the Gospel in english. It is such an encouragement to us to have them and an encouragement to them to have freedom for a few days to proclaim openly the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

"This is  the third time for me to go to eCamp. I'm appreciate that pastor Mike and Auntie Joy could organize eCamp, and gave us the oppotunity to share the good news and also experience God's grace. 

"Through eCamp I found that what a happy thing when the students could hear the good news,especially when they made the decision to follow Jesus. At the same time , the expection of my family's salvation grew in my heart. And also help me know how to make decisions according to his will."

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