Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Calling All eCampaigners!

Lisa Redick
Lisa Redick12 August 07:29
Dearest eCampaigners! 

Praising the Lord for who He is and thankful for His magnificent work in our hearts and the hearts of all who heard the glorious Gospel during the #smciecamp2015! He truly went ahead to make the way! 

It's time to take a moment and thank Him by recounting the wonderful works He has done in and through you-this includes everyone-SMCIans and guests alike! Your testimony and favourite pics can be used of Him to encourage those who remain and carry on the work as well as inspire others to join us for #smciecamp2016! 

Testimonies may be sent to Pm at michael.redick@icloud.com, or to me at l.e.redick@me.com or posted directly onto the fb group. Don't forget to check out "He Still Answers" regularly for additional info. 

One last thought beloved... "How did He work IN and THROUGH you?"

Lord Bless! Press on!

#smciecamp2015 #cuzitsreallyreal

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