Friday, 28 August 2015

Let Me Live Out the Gospel Every Day!


"If I had to list one of my takeaways from the eCampaign 2015, it would be that God is great, far greater than comprehension."

Amanda - GLCC, Singapore
I signed up for the eCampaign months ago, with a desire to serve God and to obey his command to share the Gospel with students from the land of the Philippines. However, a week before the eCampaign, I was entirely flustered, tired and “spent”. My grandfather was terminally ill and I was informed by my family that I might not be able to go for the eCampaign. Furthermore, I was on my last week of my internship. I spent the week rushing about work. I barely had enough time during the hectic week to pack my luggage for the eCampaign which I packed just a day before my flight, let alone prepare my heart for the week ahead in the eCampaign. It was definitely by God’s grace that I was eventually able to come to the eCampaign as my grandfather’s condition became less critical a few days before my scheduled flight to the Philippines.

Throughout the week I spent in Bicol, Philippines, my initial fear of sharing due to my unprepared state gradually transformed into joy and excitement about the opportunity to share the gospel with the students in the Philippines. I was excited for the students to hear the gospel, joyful and moved when I saw their shining eyes from hearing about God’s unconditional love for them. Apart from the opportunity to share the gospel, I can truly say that I felt the love of Christ through my interactions with the fellow labourers. I was blessed by the testimonies of the Filipino SMCI staff of how God transformed their lives and their obedience in surrendering and giving their lives to God to serve full time. I was amazed by their love and care even for me, a Singaporean they barely knew for a week. Throughout my time spent with these dear brothers and sisters in Christ, my heart was blessed by witnessing their joy in serving the Lord and their Christ-centred love for each other.

However, amidst many blessings from the week of the eCampaign, my greatest blessing was the fact that I was able to feel God’s presence throughout the week: In classrooms where I stood in front of a large class sharing with the students the gospel; the nights when several members eCampaign team came together for a time of prayer and thanksgiving; the times in the van when we were travelling from school to school. Throughout the week, God taught me numerous lessons. He humbled me by stripping me of every bit of self-dependence and pride that I had when sharing the gospel. He showed me that his grace alone was sufficient for me. He allowed me to experience the joy of living for Jesus as my all and greatest treasure. I was amazed to experience God’s love for me so deeply during the week, when I had thought I was coming to the Philippines to share about his love for the world. The holy, reverent and awesome God loves me so much to personally teach me and correct me of my ways.

The week while short, has been filled with indescribable blessings. Beyond eCampaign, I desire to be able to live out the gospel every single day even in Singapore and to continue to experience him in wonderful ways. To all those who went for the eCampaign, may we not simply label the time we spent in the Philippines as wonderful memories, but I hope that we will let the memories from eCampaign encourage us to live for Christ every day and to surrender our lives to him.

Amanda, GLCC Singapore

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  1. So glad you were able to be a part of the ministry -- thanks for sharing!


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