Monday, 17 August 2015

All Things Work Together For Good

 Edward - Philippines 
Edward Dean Tan Olaes is a member of one of the churches SMCI partners on the island of CEBU.  He joined the eCampaign for the first time this year!

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

Its amazing sometimes how I misunderstand this verse. For me, a year and a half ago, "good" was defined as completing all my requirements to be a Pharmacist  and working as one back home in Florida, USA. "Good" also meant to fulfill all my desires, have a good income, buy a nice car and live a comfortable life. So when my school papers were rejected during its evaluation back home in USA, doubt crept into my mind as i wondered if this verse really holds its truth.

But now, and with the help of ecamp, I truly understand what "good" in this verse means. The only thing that is "good" is the Lord. And when things are working together for "good", it is working together for the glory of Him. 

You see, when my papers were rejected, i had to redo another year of school. The school I enrolled into had a learning system that required us to stand in front of groups of people and give reports/presentations on assigned topics. These reports/presentations were so constant that by the end of my summer internship there was no fear in me to stand in front of a crowd and speak; even if it was impromptu. 

So during our orientation for the ecamp, when we were told that our task is to walk into high school and college classrooms and share the gospel to them, I realized why God placed those circumstances in my life. He was shaping me!

And now that the ecamp is over, I can honestly say that the verse holds true. God works all things for good! Not only was I able to stand in front of people and share the gospel, I found out that it is what I love to do! During the week I grew, was humbled, was given the opportunity to share to 100s, watched people accept the Lord and learned so much! I saw different styles of sharing the Truth, watched different illustrations, listened to different languages and met great people who love the Lord! I'm thankful that God has used my past to shape me for the ecamp, and I am also thankful that God is using the ecamp to shape me for what His plan for me is in the future. God is good! --Edward Dean Tan Olaes

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