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God Is Willing To Use Me!

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This testimony is from one of our China team members.  China team members work very hard for years to be able to share the Gospel in English. It is such an encouragement to us to have them and an encouragement to them to have freedom for a few days to proclaim openly the saving grace of Jesus Christ. (Her testimony appears as sent.) Ivy朱谌 July18-26, 2015, Leyte  What an absolutely AMAZING week in my life. A totally new challenge and a miraculously grace for me to had a chance to be a evangelist. I preached the Gospel to more than 1300 people though I didn't know how many of them truly decided to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour. Pray that the Lord bless His Word.  As the Bible says in Romans 10:15, how beautiful are the feet of those who preach the Gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things. There is truly nothing more precious, more worthy. I just cannot tell how grateful I am, even I'm a totally sinner, God is willing to…

Let Me Live Out the Gospel Every Day!

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"If I had to list one of my takeaways from the eCampaign 2015, it would be that God is great, far greater than comprehension."
I signed up for the eCampaign months ago, with a desire to serve God and to obey his command to share the Gospel with students from the land of the Philippines. However, a week before the eCampaign, I was entirely flustered, tired and “spent”. My grandfather was terminally ill and I was informed by my family that I might not be able to go for the eCampaign. Furthermore, I was on my last week of my internship. I spent the week rushing about work. I barely had enough time during the hectic week to pack my luggage for the eCampaign which I packed just a day before my flight, let alone prepare my heart for the week ahead in the eCampaign. It was definitely by God’s grace that I was eventually able to come to the eCampaign as my grandfather’s condition became less critical a few days before my scheduled flight to the Phil…

Why Should You Join e-Campaign 2016?

I want you to know that I’m writing from the perspective of a full-time Christian worker. I do not think this makes me different from other Christians, but you might think, “Why does a full-time worker want to go on e-Campaign? I mean, aren’t they doing this sort of thing all the time? Shouldn’t they be working in the place God has put them?” Well, I hope to answer these questions and encourage you – whoever you might be – to consider joining in 2016!

This was my third time on e-Camp over a 5-year period. The first time, I was looking for direction in ministry – possibly into overseas missions. I had no idea what God had in mind – or how quickly He would work! He did open a door and a month after I finished my amazing 3 weeks in the Philippines, I was on my way to join a team in a RAN (Restricted Access Nation) with some of the wonderful people I had met on E-camp. God meets us, our need, and leads us when we take that step of faith in Him.

Although I haven’t been able to go every yea…

Why We Keep Going Back!

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This testimony is from one of our China team members.  China team members work very hard for years to be able to share the Gospel in english. It is such an encouragement to us to have them and an encouragement to them to have freedom for a few days to proclaim openly the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
"This is the second time I came to e-camp. One of the most
moving came this trip is when I shared the truth from bible, some students responded to me and told me anybody else had shared the same truth last year. These students clearly remembered what volunteers shared last year and they recited it with me at the same time. At that time, I realized that the meaning of SMCI visited year after year at the same place. Although part of students cannot understand and rejected the truth, there were someone accepted Jesus at the very moment."

The words on the wall  in the photo above encouraged me--Don’t lose hope. Anything we do today can be seen in fut…

All Things Work Together For Good

Edward Dean Tan Olaes is a member of one of the churches SMCI partners on the island of CEBU.  He joined the eCampaign for the first time this year!

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."
Its amazing sometimes how I misunderstand this verse. For me, a year and a half ago, "good" was defined as completing all my requirements to be a Pharmacist  and working as one back home in Florida, USA. "Good" also meant to fulfill all my desires, have a good income, buy a nice car and live a comfortable life. So when my school papers were rejected during its evaluation back home in USA, doubt crept into my mind as i wondered if this verse really holds its truth.
But now, and with the help of ecamp, I truly understand what "good" in this verse means. The only thing that is "good" is the Lord. And when things are working together for "good", it is workin…

Expectation Grew!

This testimony is from one of our China team members.  China team members work very hard for years to be able to share the Gospel in english. It is such an encouragement to us to have them and an encouragement to them to have freedom for a few days to proclaim openly the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

"This is  the third time for me to go to eCamp. I'm appreciate that pastor Mike and Auntie Joy could organize eCamp, and gave us the oppotunity to share the good news and also experience God's grace.
"Through eCamp I found that what a happy thing when the students could hear the good news,especially when they made the decision to follow Jesus. At the same time , the expection of my family's salvation grew in my heart. And also help me know how to make decisions according to his will."

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From the GLCC, Singapore Teams Pt 1

Part 1 of GLCC's Testimonies
Submitted by Hwee Min and Kim Cheong

The annual SMCI evangelistic campaign just concluded on 8 Aug and we thank God for raising up 29 people from GLCC this year. More so, we praise God for many heart decisions made to trust Christ as their personal Saviour. Do continue to pray for the follow-up work by our full-time SMCI workers. Here’s what some of our 1st time youth E-campers has to say!!!
When people ask me, "How was E-Campaign?" My only answer will be, "Indescribable". Because it's the truth! To be spreading God's love to the people in the Philippines and witnessing souls being saved is just too awesome a feeling to be described. On top of that, it was indeed a privilege to be out of my comfort zone, to get my hands dirty, and to be called a liar, all for His name's sake. Don't be the person asking, "How was E-Campaign?"   Be the one answering it! - Claudia Choo
At the beginning I was so doubtful and fearful…

Never Alone

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Palawan, Philippines
Sheree Lim, GBM Singapore

There was some hesitation about going alone initially (Sheree was the only participant from GBM this year) but making the decision to go for eCampaign again this year has been one of the most rewarding decisions ever. The one thing I am reminded of is that we'll never outgrow our need for the Gospel. 

There is no end to Gospel exploration. 
And it couldn't have been more humbling to come back and realized that everything that happened in the Philippines was a result of specific answered prayers! It amazes me how much our God would care enough for a soul (mine) to reach out to encourage, bless, renew and refresh her. And when we think that we're alone, look around  you and be encouraged by the many faithful Christians and press on together. 
Together for the Gospel.
"Stand firm in one Spirit, striving together as one for the faith of the gospel."  (Philippines 1:27) Sheree Lim, GBM Singapore

"I can do all things through Christ..."

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Daphne Serion12 August 17:59  At first I was so hesitant to join eCamp this year because of the weight of my responsibilities. I had a lot of excuses for God that "I can't & what if." I was fearful because I knew eCamp was hard work, there would be tough times behind the scenes, stressful moments & most of all I would be dealing w/ people w/ different personalities. But God gave me this verse one day, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." I claimed this verse during the preparations until the end of the campaign. And God never failed me. It was not an easy journey but it was really a sweet and memorable one. He gave me people to help me as well, so thankful for their love.
I was so blessed to travel and learn from the great men of God (PMike & PJeff). Blessed by the time spent w/people from USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, China and Indonesia (they are all awesome). 
Though we came from differe…

Calling All eCampaigners!

Lisa Redick12 August 07:29 Dearest eCampaigners! 
Praising the Lord for who He is and thankful for His magnificent work in our hearts and the hearts of all who heard the glorious Gospel during the #smciecamp2015! He truly went ahead to make the way! 
It's time to take a moment and thank Him by recounting the wonderful works He has done in and through you-this includes everyone-SMCIans and guests alike! Your testimony and favourite pics can be used of Him to encourage those who remain and carry on the work as well as inspire others to join us for #smciecamp2016! 
Testimonies may be sent to Pm at, or to me at or posted directly onto the fb group. Don't forget to check out "He Still Answers" regularly for additional info. 
One last thought beloved... "How did He work IN and THROUGH you?"
Lord Bless! Press on!
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"I Will Never Forget..."

#cuzitsreallyreal Vicki Tayloe10 August at 11:50As a photographer I have a slightly different approach to the students, my camera opens doors for me to engage people. Everywhere we went, the students asked for "picture, picture".....We had gone into one of the more remote mountain High Schools. I had just finished sharing with a combined class of 160 students seeing many accept Christ. Such a joy and I walked out I again heard "picture, picture, take our picture". I looked up to the highest "empty" building and saw a group of obviously older boys who were avoiding hearing us speak in the classes. So I walked up and offered the boys a trade....I would take their picture IF they would listen to why I had come to their school for 15 minutes. As I waited for the response, they were tattooed & obviously had a rough background. I felt such a strong burden to share with them. They agreed and I shared God's gift of eternal …

Day 39 of 42, Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Palawan Day 39 of 42 Tuesday, 4 August 2015

                          Schools Visited:        423 Opportunities To Give The Gospel:     4,761    Persons Who Heard the Gospel:  231,732                          Decisions Made:  120,123

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