Friday, 3 July 2015

The End of the Day, Thurs 2 July 2015

At the end of Thursday, (Day 6 of 42) the SMCI eCampaign Teams have preached the Gospel to 30,480 people in 47 schools.  The last few days they have entered many schools for the very first time. It has been vigorous! In fact, the approximately 35 eCampaigners have preached the Gospel 750 times with 20,851 decisions being made.

It was a great day for Team Faith today!  Thank God for many opportunities today!  We have hit schools with 72 sections, 33 sections, 46 sections and 30 sections Awesome preaching opportunities. Prraise the LORD for every heart that He has prepared to receive His Word.  Though our voices are hoarse now, all of us are in sweet spirits, witnessing the work of the Holy Spirit in lives.  P.S. Think PM needs his Starbucks badly after a day of hard work! --Theresa, Singapore

We are Team Love.  It's raining. The preachers are not giving up even as we have to raise our voices so that the kids could hear us.  The students moved forward to the front to hear us better!  It's the preparation of the hearts of these students.  We are using for another school now.  Late as the last school kept opening more sections for us. --Oi Ching, Singapore

From Timothy Lim, Singapore Go Fish Team

Thursday, Day 6 of 42


Timothy Lim
1 July at 05:50
In Impasugong NHS, students were leaving when we arrived in the van. Team Hope reached just in time as students were trapped by a rain shower. Rushing to grab students, the team managed 12 opportunities in a situation where there could be none. I personally had 2 opportunities, 1 group and a pair of ladies. They were heading for night class and I managed to get them for 5 minutes. It started to rain but thank God they did not move away, in fact they stood with me the entire way. Despite the rain, they accepted the gospel and joyfully went on their way. Thank God for these two students! #smciecamp2015