Thursday, 24 July 2014

What's It Really Like To Be An SMCI eCampaigner?

SMCI 2014eCamp Update:

Over 100,000 people have heard the Gospel so far in the #smci2014ecamp! God is concerned enough about the lost to be in the details when you step forward with the Gospel! 

But what's it really like to be an SCMI eCampaigner?

First of all
you are assigned to a team. 
Your team arrives at several campuses each day, 
pays the appropriate courtesy call to the person in charge. 
Then, in room after room, by previous arrangement 
with the Dean or Administrator or Dept of Education, 
team members enter ongoing classes and are given the 20 minute liberty to introduce themselves and share a life changing message for their consideration! 
As often as possible an opportunity to respond is given 
with information taken for follow up by the local SMCI Fulltime teams. 

Is there opposition? 

Does it go this smoothly every time? 

 Is there a need for prayer every day during the eCampaign? 

 Does He answer? 
Oh yes, He certainly does! 

 Press on! 

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