Thursday, 17 July 2014

From Pastor Mike: Thurs a.m. Legazpi

Typhoon Glenda this past Tuesday

10 a.m. Legazpi 

UPDATE directly from Pastor Mike:

The team is in good spirits and the Lord has sustained! In the wake of Typhoon Glenda we are dealing with the brutal aftermath--currently there is no electricity or water in the city. Much damage to the villages and agricultural areas. Most shops are closed and those that are open have masses of people trying to get food and water. 

We are safely settled in 2 hotels with acceptable security-one has fairly good wifi and phone signal and is on generator power. 

The local airport was open today and we were able to get on the list for the weekend flight we had originally wanted but they will fly as the weather allows. The local team sourced for food this morning as the LORD directed them they got what is needed for today. There seems to be another storm forming that is expected in a couple of days.

Please pray for:
-safety and good weather
-ability to fly and seats for the entire team
-unity and peace


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