Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Legazpi Update Wednesday Night

10 p.m. Wednesday:

It's just 10 p.m. in the Philippines and we trust the 23 eCampaigners in Legazpi are setting down for the night to get some rest. They all weathered a raging storm, flooding rooms, and darkness so very well by God's grace.

This morning PM was informed that the Pension House (Hotel) was evicting the entire team because there was no electricity or food for them there indefinitely. With ferry and airplane cancellations there are people stranded all over the city in the same situation. The local team moved from hotel to hotel all over the city being turned away time and time again. It was only just before dark that the LORD provided 2 hotels. The team was split up and sent to them. We are not sure how long they can stay there, so please pray about that.

At 7 p.m. we received confirmation that Joy, Daphne and Kim were out looking for food. They were finding all the shops closed. The streets are being cleared slowly and they are estimating electricity may not be restored for 2 weeks. So far there is civil order.
From Pastor Mike: We are good. All is well. We have transferred to 2 hotels. All the schools are closed until Monday and while I am sad that the team will not be able to go to schools and preach, I am asking the LORD to do His work in and through us according to His plan. I have almost no battery left on my phone. Our concern is being able to confirm a flight out on Saturday to continue the eCampaingn in Manila next week.

As of now, communication has ceased for the night most likely because they are either conserving battery power or they are already flat. 

Well prayer warriors, we know what to do, so let's get to it. While they rest, we pray and give thanks. 

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  1. I am eager to see how our God, Mighty to save, will move on behalf of this team to provide for their good, and for His great glory!
    I am praying with you!
    Jeff Redlin


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