Tuesday, 22 July 2014

From the Heart: Jett, Singapore (Bicol)

Josette (Jett) joined the SMCI eCampaign in the Philippines coming from GBM in Singapore! This was her first campaign. Providentially, she spent most of her week with the eCampaign in 3 hotels and the airport! :)  But, her testimony shows clearly that the LORD has a plan in everything! Thanks for coming Jett! Lord bless and may you be a light wherever you go leading all who will hear to the truth! :)

Josette, Week 3, Bicol 2014

Jett Hime
Jett Hime22 July 08:28
I just want to praise God for hearts changed in Bicol region. Not just those who have heard and believed the gospel but especially my heart and the heart of team. For 5.5 days of not preaching but praying, for 99% listening to the gospel than preaching, He revealed the things that He wants to change in my heart. And it's not just being positive about the circumstances but trusting God for Who He Is. That He is in Control. He is Merciful. He is Loving. He is Sovereign.

I want to remain and preach on but i only have 1 week this year. For the teams who remain, PREACH ON. Will back you up with fervent prayers.

On Saturday night, something came to my mind. Its like God is telling me "You want to preach? Then preach in Singapore". That struck me. And praising God for that.

I pray that the Lord will keep the flame burning in our hearts and let it spread to whoever comes near it even when we are back to our hometowns. #Smci2014ecamp

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