Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Team China: Nora

2013 SMCI eCampaign

From: Nora 

To me, this experience at the Philippines E-campaign is a witness of God’s amazing work! It’s so wonderful to walk closely with God and to be used by Him!

Before I went to Philippines, I had many concerns. I was worried about not being able to adjust to the environment there, worried that they would not understand my English. Even after I arrived in Philippines, these worries were still there, until I heard Pastor Mike’s sermon on Sunday. He said that you should believe that God will do what He has promised; all you have to do is believe and take the step of faith. Also, a brother from America shared his experience from last year, saying that once you see the thirst in the children’s eyes, you will not want to leave. 

When I finished the first classroom, I believed. It was not only because I had stepped out of my own comfort zone, but most importantly, it was because when I saw their hands raised, I saw a miracle from God. I understood that when I cast my eyes upon God and upon these souls, He will personally work.

Those few days in Philippines, I could see souls coming to Jesus every day: that joy is really indescribable. I am very thankful for this yearly E-campaign, thankful that I was able to be used by God, and thankful that He once again set aflame my passion for sharing the Gospel. This E-campaign caused my spiritual life to be built up and taught me to want to depend on God more. I believe this E-campaign will become a wonderful memory!
This was Nora's first campaign!

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