Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Team China: Cat

2013 SMCI eCampaign

From: Cat

It was a blessing for me to join the e-Campaign trip this summer. 

God has showed His grace through many things. Like allowing us to get really cheap price for our plane tickets, we were able to get our visa in spite of the relationship problems between China and Philippines.  He has really shown His power and His faithfulness.

I am so thankful that God allowed us to join this Gospel trip to see how big He is! It’s really amazing to see how He worked in this country for 5 days. I shared the Gospel with more that 1,000 people,  and 80% of them decided to accept Jesus to be their personal Lord and Saviour!

I remembered the time when they heard the good news and did the sinner’s prayer, they were so excited. I can see in their faces how happy and joyful they are, and every time I see those faces, it encourages and reminds me how good my God is.

The best lesson I learned is to totally depend on Him and let the Holy Spirit work in people’s hearts. We cannot lead anyone to the Lord just by ourselves, because this is the Holy Spirit’s work. 

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