Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Team China: Cat

2013 SMCI eCampaign

From: Cat

It was a blessing for me to join the e-Campaign trip this summer. 

God has showed His grace through many things. Like allowing us to get really cheap price for our plane tickets, we were able to get our visa in spite of the relationship problems between China and Philippines.  He has really shown His power and His faithfulness.

I am so thankful that God allowed us to join this Gospel trip to see how big He is! It’s really amazing to see how He worked in this country for 5 days. I shared the Gospel with more that 1,000 people,  and 80% of them decided to accept Jesus to be their personal Lord and Saviour!

I remembered the time when they heard the good news and did the sinner’s prayer, they were so excited. I can see in their faces how happy and joyful they are, and every time I see those faces, it encourages and reminds me how good my God is.

The best lesson I learned is to totally depend on Him and let the Holy Spirit work in people’s hearts. We cannot lead anyone to the Lord just by ourselves, because this is the Holy Spirit’s work. 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Team China: Nora

2013 SMCI eCampaign

From: Nora 

To me, this experience at the Philippines E-campaign is a witness of God’s amazing work! It’s so wonderful to walk closely with God and to be used by Him!

Before I went to Philippines, I had many concerns. I was worried about not being able to adjust to the environment there, worried that they would not understand my English. Even after I arrived in Philippines, these worries were still there, until I heard Pastor Mike’s sermon on Sunday. He said that you should believe that God will do what He has promised; all you have to do is believe and take the step of faith. Also, a brother from America shared his experience from last year, saying that once you see the thirst in the children’s eyes, you will not want to leave. 

When I finished the first classroom, I believed. It was not only because I had stepped out of my own comfort zone, but most importantly, it was because when I saw their hands raised, I saw a miracle from God. I understood that when I cast my eyes upon God and upon these souls, He will personally work.

Those few days in Philippines, I could see souls coming to Jesus every day: that joy is really indescribable. I am very thankful for this yearly E-campaign, thankful that I was able to be used by God, and thankful that He once again set aflame my passion for sharing the Gospel. This E-campaign caused my spiritual life to be built up and taught me to want to depend on God more. I believe this E-campaign will become a wonderful memory!
This was Nora's first campaign!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Team China: John

2013 SMCI eCampaign 

From: John 

I'm so excited that I have made a right decision to join the e-campaign this summer.

Three months ago, when May (our Cn missions coordinator) told me that there was an opportunity to go to the Philippines to preach the Gospel, I refused her and gave some reasons for not going.  I was worried about my English, about money, even about the country of the Philippines - why should I go to another country to preach the Gospel when my own country China needed it more. Anyway, I just didn't want to go there. However, May replied and encouraged me, then I started thinking.

I thought, "The Lord will provide," and I finally agreed to go to the Philippines with the team.  Three weeks later, we found out that my wife Jane was pregnant, so I would have to take care of her, that means I can't go to the Philippines. I would even be unable to take part in the CN summer camps.  I was so sorry to tell May that I really can't join them and May agreed and asked me to stay back to take care of Jane.  We already paid the air tickets though and we had no choice but to waste the airfares.  But God is faithful, as the Bible says " The Lord will provide." Jane's mother came to our city to take care of her, even though she had broken her wrist. And more than that, God is amazing, Jane's ticket got a full refund from the airline because she is pregnant. So I had no worries to join our camps in China and the e-Campaign in the Philippines.

If I didn't go to the Philippines to preach the Gospel, I think in my life I would not have preached the Gospel at all. That is a very important lesson for me now, to preach the Gospel.  Face to face before fifty students in the class, I was excited and nervous, but I was in the battlefield and I couldn't escape. Thank God that after five days, my heart was joyful.  We had preached to over 30,000 students, that is wonderful. During the campaign, I was discouraged sometimes and had very bad toothache, but God is faithful, I have learned to look upon God.  And I will.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Team China: Nittie

2013 SMCI eCampaign

From : Nittie

I am very thankful to God for the opportunity to take part in the E-campaign. I had applied for a passport twice previously but was unsuccessful. When I heard about the opportunity to go to the e- campaign in November last year, I really wanted to take part and started praying that I would be granted a passport. In February this year, God answered my prayer and I got my passport and started to prepare for e-campaign. 

When I arrived in Legaspi, I was amazed and shocked that I was allowed to share the gospel in such a manner with so many students. In China, we never had the opportunity to just go into classrooms and share with so many students. On the first day, I was very nervous and had doubts as to whether they understood what I was saying. But when I looked at the response slips that the students filled out, I was so touched that they received Christ and how the Spirit was working in them. I still remember vividly how one girl's face lit up with joy after hearing the gospel and I was so moved by God's love. 

In this short trip, I saw the power of the gospel. I believe that my life has changed greatly in these 5 days. God used me to bless so many people and gave me the confidence through His Spirit for the advancement of His gospel. I hope that as I return to China, my passion for sharing the gospel will grow and that I can continue to share His love with those around me. 

Nittie is from X....g - where it is very hard for people to get a passport or to be granted any visa to leave their country.
This was her first eCampaign.