Sunday, 7 July 2013

Week 1 On Negros

Week 1 in Negros was awesome! Room to room evangelism, street evangelism, evening Crusades... it was amazing and the team was awesome! The newly formed SMCI Crusade Team went into action with over 100 volunteers and workers helping to invite, promote, set up, advertise, handle the accounting, singing, playing the instruments, lights, and of course the preaching of the glorious Gospel and followup!

The New Crusade Team will be taking the Gospel all over the Philippines supporting the SMCI Chapters all year round. No longer will we just be running eCampaign during school holidays, we will be sending the Crusade Team out full-time!

Week 1 Negros Oriental
1-5 July 2013
Preaching Opportunities         266
People Hearing the Gospel 13,833
Those Who Made Decisions  7,515

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