Wednesday, 24 July 2013

My Best Decision In A Long Time

Ray, CO Western Sloper
From the Heart of . . .
Ray Salmon
Colorado Western Slopers

This year was my first year to go to the Philippines as an E-campaigner. It was the best decision I have made in a long time and I am very grateful to have had such a wonderful opportunity! The Lord worked in my heart the whole time I was there, teaching me how powerful and faithful He is to His children when we step out in faith to serve Him. 

It was certainly a step of faith for me; I was way outside my comfort zone most of the time I was there! I was continually amazed to watch Him work across age, cultural, gender and linguistic barriers to reach the students and teachers of the schools we went into. By far the greatest joy of all was to watch as hundreds of students and even teachers responded to the powerful message of God’s redeeming grace. It was also a great source of joy to work with believers from several different countries, including the local SMCI teams, to further the spread of the Gospel.

Ray served on Leyte and Cebu.
This was his first SMCI eCampaign.

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