Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Battle Is Truly The LORD's

From Pastor Mike . . .

It seems every year during our eCampaign in the Philippines we encounter some form of overt demonic activity. This year was no different.

Early last week we entered a high school. After a visit to the Admin Office our team of 20 soul winners went to various rooms sharing the Gospel with the students. As our team fanned out around the campus, the school’s administrators mentioned to some of our SMCI team that there was a young girl, just 16, demon possessed.

For two days this young lady had been tormented by a demon. Her parents had been called and they were desperately trying to free their daughter from the demon’s torment. They tried to appease the demon by offering it food and even worship the demon by lighting a candle, but to no avail. The unwanted guest continued to assume its control leaving the young lady writhing in pain, screaming and crying in a voice not her own.

After learning of this demon possessed young lady, one of our SMCI staff, Daphne, looked at me as if to say, "Let's go help."

As we made our way through the crowd of onlookers, I approached the young lady’s father and asked if I could pray for his daughter. He agreed and when I turned towards the young lady I immediately found myself looking into glazed and piercing eyes that communicated evil and hate. I ask the young lady her name and the demon replied, "My name is..." I immediately confronted the demon with the authority of the cross and the demon responded with a burst of anger and violence. 

For the next hour we would battle with this indwelling demon.

As we prayed and claimed the victory of the cross, the demon would mock us with laughter and attempt to intimidate us with piercing eyes and demeaning comments--often kicking, biting and grabbing at our necks. Soon, team members Joy Penero, Art Blum, Josh De La Rosa and others joined us in the battle. Together they prayed and stormed the gates of hell claiming the victory in Christ. 

After about 45 minutes it seemed that the battle was going nowhere. Every time this young lady attempted to call out to Jesus for help the demon interrupted her and the torment increased. At this point the Lord gave wisdom and told me that in the authority of the cross I needed to bind the demons influence on the young lady’s mind while Daphne encouraged her to turn to Jesus for salvation and strength. Within a few minutes this precious young lady in a staggering voice said, "Jesus you are Lord, Help me Jesus." 

The moment she uttered those words a new light came into her eyes.  It was as if a dark cloud had been lifted and she could see again, her mind now being free from the demon’s influence. I was able to lead her in a prayer of faith where she renounced the devil, repented of her sin and received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. She is now free, the battle is won and victory is hers. 

This demonic encounter reminds us that we are in a battle and the battle is for the souls of men and women. It also reminds us that there is glorious victory in the cross.  If we are going to maintain the victory won for us on the cross then we must go forward in the banner of the cross.

Mike Redick
President, SMCI

I am afraid some people will read this and not get it because it's outside their experience. Or not believe it. Or forward it to discredit it. I am sorry if that is true. I hope that we can all give thanks for the great victory that was had on this day! But if you cannot, please allow me just to say this, won't you consider that Jehovah God might be bigger than your imagination and experience? If so, wouldn't you like to know it? Are you invested in the spiritual battle you were saved into or is your enlistment in denying there is a battle at all? 
Just a couple of thoughts to consider.

Thanks prayer warriors! Faith is the victory.


  1. Thank God, who gives us the victory in Jesus Christ.

  2. Dear Lisa:

    Thank you for the wonderful testimony of the lady delivered by a demon and saved. One of my pastors in Cambodia encountered a demon possessed young lady who was left for hopeless. The Buddhist leaders and witch doctors could not help her. Then, they called, Pastor Gong who had heard Mike teach on how to handle demons and how to cast them out. Gong never had done this before; but Pastor Gong just prayed as Mike instructed him in the Bible Institute several years before and she was totally freed immediately and began singing a hymn. Wow-there is power in the authority of Jesus's name.

    Thank you for being on the front lines and making adifference in the world for Christ!


    Tom and Anna Johnson



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