Sunday, 21 July 2013

Pastor Jeff Rushing Home to CO

Pastor Jeff Musgrave, who has been co-leading the SMCI eCampaign this year, is rushing home to CO right now to be with Anna at the bedside of his dear father-in-law.  

We want to ask you to pray for Pastor Jeff and Anna as her beloved father is on the threshold of Heaven.  We are so thankful for Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell and their lives and love for their LORD.  Please take time to pray for them and the rest of the family. Let's faithfully stand with them, shoulder to shoulder, at the throne of grace at this time.

Sending this post now, we cannot help but thank the LORD for Jeff and Anna! We have known few such committed, loyal, dear friends as Jeff and Anna Musgrave. Their absolute commitment and surrender to the Gospel ministry of our Saviour is inspirational and humbling. Their willingness and surrender in making a life change in recent years has brought amazing attention to the Christian's purpose-to live a Gospel filled life!

It has been a blessing to have them both with us in the last two eCampaigns and while Anna had to handle the weight of things at home this year,  she joined the prayer warriors and Jeff has co-led the eCampaign with me!

We are so thankful for them and their desire to humbly represent Christ alone before men as well as encourage others in the truth of His power to save and to empower the witness! They have embraced our teams from many cultures and several countries and have washed feet with us time and time again. They stand with us in a unique and special group of believers who make up the Nosnuma Board as well.

Lord Bless Jeff and Anna. We love you, respect you and appreciate you. We know the LORD will be your help, comfort and strength.  We are with you.

Because of Jesus,
Mike Redick
for all of us on the SMCI/GP/Nosnuma/IE Teams

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