Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Finally! City Wide Crusades!

A Message From Pastor Mike!

For several years we have been praying about doing yearround city-wide crusades in the Philippines and last week our prayers were answered and a new chapter in our SMCI and GP (GrowPoint Churches) ministry began. 

On Monday, July 1, we held our first crusade in the city of Bayawan in Negros Occidental. The covered gym in the center of the city was filled with nearly 600 people and 75 people responded to the Gospel. 

On July 3, we moved to the city of Siaton and over 1000 people filled the covered gym and some 300 people responded to the gospel and received Christ as Savior. 

On Saturday July 6, we rented the 5000 seat Macias Sports complex in the city of Dumaguete and the Lord gave us a great evening with over 450 people coming forward for salvation. The next day we travelled to the town of Larado on the Island of Siquijor and nearly 600 people showed up to hear the gospel and nearly 125 people prayed to receive Christ as their savior. 

I praise the Lord for a great team of 100 SMCI and GP workers that organized and put these crusades together. Much prayer went into the preparation. Organisationally, the meetings were planned flawlessly. We had great advertising with local coverage and guest appearances on the radio, city motorcades, banners and thousands of flyers distributed. The Lord honored the efforts of our team with many many salvation decisions. 

From July 22-28 we will conduct a three city crusade on the Island of Bohol and from September 2-7 we will conduct a three night crusade in the city of Cagayan de Oro, in Mindanao and July 9-14 a three night crusade in Davao in Mindanao.  

Please continue to pray for our crusade evangelism. Our desire is to hold 50 large scale gospel meetings in 50 different cities of the Philippines this year. 

Mike Redick 
President, SMCI

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  1. Praise the Lord for the Blessed Spirit who keeps on leading & guiding the movement of SMCI. Looking forward for greater things that are yet to come in the cities of the Philippines!

    I think Ptr. Mike means Sept 9-14 for Davao & not July 9-14 :)


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