Thursday, 18 July 2013

Day 18: But God . . .

If you have traveled with the SMCI eCampaign you most certainly learned the "9th Beatitude" which according to Pastor Mike is 'Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape!' Yes, it's a little tongue-in-cheek but chances are you either learned it, or you most assuredly were bent out of shape!

Picture this.  Perhaps you've been there.  Often up at 4:30 a.m, driving hours to your 1st school only to be told the Principal forgot about the appointment-(even though you had confirmed only a few days earlier)- or gave the entire student body a holiday or is unavailable to confirm the appointment just long enough for the opportunity to slip away--all giving rise to the temptation of thought that God has momentarily stepped away from His throne (let alone the building) and left us on our own to be tossed and battered by the forces of this world. (Lack of sleep making it seem all the more dramatic :).

It is at this point that the proponent of the 9th Beatitude-- which, by the way, carries with it the reality that God never "steps away", that He never leaves us, that He takes our best laid plans to perfect them and refine them, and that we can trust Him no matter what--yes, it is at this point that the proponent of the 9th Beatitude says 'thanks Lord' steps down from the van in confidence into the divine appointment set since time in eternity began! Your eyes scan the students scattered around the campus-- some passing by, sitting in little groups, playing guitar, laughing, studying, eating. And then you see them. They are the ones. And soon it is clear, they have been waiting for you.

Today it happened again. And again, the LORD had His way and these texts came in to make the point:

From Linda Chan (Singapore): 
Praise God for using Pas Jeff to preach to the two Value Education classes yesterday at Quezon City Science High School. We are not given access to preach from room to room but God has used Pas Jeff mightily. PTL! 
This sms came in: 
From a grade 7 student, "J", sent yesterday at 5.07 pm from Quezon City Science High School... Good afternoon! i would like to ask if you have Sir Jeff Musgrave's current e-mail. He gave a talk a while ago here in QCSHS and I would just like to personally thank him for the life changing experience I had this afternoon. Thank you in advance!
Step out today into time and see where the LORD will lead you!

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