Saturday, 29 June 2013

2013 e-Campaign: 2 Days & Counting!

SMCI e-Campaign COUNTDOWN: 2 Days

Just two days until the official start of the annual SMCI e-Campaign. 

Every day of the year for almost 14 years, Student Movement For Christ International (a team of more than 100 full-time Filipino pastors and workers, led by President Mike Redick) evangelizes and disciples, plants and grows churches, trains pastors and workers, equips, deploys and empowers teams--all for the cause of the glorious GOSPEL of Jesus Christ---this year alone with over 7000 young believers in weekly discipleship!

This is the exciting time of year when SMCI collaborates together with believers and churches from all over the world in an Evangelistic Campaign--- together taking Christ to the campuses on 9 islands of the Philippines!

In just two days,  the Annual SMCI e-Campaign begins!  After months of preparation in the Philippines and around the world--hours of prayer, many miles of travelling to provincial offices, school to school, talking with school boards, getting permission from principles, and arranging travel and accommodations... the LORD has opened the way for this amazing yearly collaboration of the SMCI team, the worldwide prayer teams and the Visiting Evangelistic Teams! The next five weeks dedicated to declaring the Gospel to campuses of the Philippines.

This year, LORD willing, we will be:

  • taking the Gospel classroom to classroom on 1000's of campuses
  • returning again to many campuses where SMCI has a chapter
  • returning to campuses not new, but yet to have a chapter of SMCI
  • launching out onto brand new islands, cities, & campuses
  • holding evening truth seekers meetings in the GrowPoint Churches and SMCI Centres

Why not get on board?  join the team? A vital part of the work is done by the constant prayer warriors! You could be one! Let us know you are with us as we press forward with the Gospel!

Follow this blog and get connected on Facebook to the Official SMCI eCampaign Testimonies and Picutres page! Here we go!

For I am not ashamed
 of the gospel of Christ, 
for it is the power of God
 to salvation for everyone 
who believes...
              Romans 1:16a

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