Saturday, 4 August 2012

Traveling Day: Saturday!


Early Morning Farewell to Singapore Team Love!

Donuts for the Local CDO Chapter of SMCIans!

We bid farewell to The Bright Family and The OH Team all this morning too! Prayer together for the last time till we meet again!


Pastor Mike and the A-Team (more than twenty of them ;) along with those staying for the final week of the campaign boarded their plane this afternoon for the next destination!


This morning in Singapore, Team Light departed from Changi Airport!


The Davao Chapter of SMCI began welcoming e-Campaign participants in the afternoon! PM and the A-team arrived to a wonderful welcome and the long awaited Davao week is on!!!



Just heard from Pastor Mike that everyone is in--welcome to Andy Wenthold from AZ (photos coming!)  The Singapore Team Love has arrived home safely and the last we heard the folks heading west were in Taipei! All's well! 

Do keep praying! :)

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