Monday, 13 August 2012

From the Heart of Eileen Tien

From the Heart
of Eileen Tien
Week 5

Second last night of the Week 5 of E-Campaign -- saddened by the thought that tomorrow will be my last day with the Cagayan de Oro Chapter.

"How I wish I could have the chance to do a mass evangelism!" crossed my mind perpetually. Even though that was my desire, didn't dare pray for
it to happen as I was afraid it would be an answered prayer.

Last day of Week 5 -- Was assigned to team leader, Pastor Ian with three others to school in the rural area for room to room Gospel sharing sessions.  As we reached the first high school in the early morning, all the students were gathered for school assembly and it appeared mass evangelism would be a more appropriate option which was subsequently agreed to by the principal.  

Encouraged by Pastor Ian, there I was on the stage, empowered by the Holy Spirit, fearlessly and unashamedly sharing the gospel of Christ, the power of God unto salvation.  Even when it started to drizzle half way through my sharing, the mass of students moved onto the stage for shelter instead of running elsewhere.  I could feel a strong sense of God's presence in the midst.  Decision was called for and estimated 80% responded to Jesus.
God uses weak vessels and as one stepped out in faith, God honoured and enabled.

This year--my third consecutive e-Campaign, and my memorable first mass evangelism.

Someone asked if I will go back for more next year, my immediate response "Well! why not?"

Eileen Tien is from Singapore Team Love and GLCC. 
This was her 3rd e-Campaign.

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