Saturday, 11 August 2012

Day 41: Saturday's Prayer Requests


Prayer Requests:

13 Mass Evangelism Meetings on Saturday! A lot of driving, some are quite a distance away.

Also, on Saturday there are many folks travelling:

  • The Binders are heading home to Colorado. There are some complications with their tickets so please pray that the LORD provide exactly what they need! Mrs. Binder has been suffering with some serious pain, please pray for a safe and comfortable flight for them.
  • GLCC Team Light is heading back to Singapore.
  • A-Team Western Slopers Art, Ron and Linda are heading home to Grand Junction, CO.
  • A-Teamers Cassidy and Tyler are both heading to California.

Please remember to pray as the SMCians have already begun outreaches and discipleship sign-up in taking the next step in the Great Commission!

Rejoicing at the great opportunities, the many who heard and just at how great is our LORD! 

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