Saturday, 7 July 2012

Wrapping Up Week 1

e-Campaign 2012 
Week 1 Wrap-Up

Well where do you begin to tell what great things the LORD has done?

As of this afternoon, more than 90,000 people have heard the Gospel during the first week!

They heard it in more than 1300 preaching opportunities in assemblies, classrooms, in canteens, on the roadside, in the aeroplane, on the ferry, and in fields! And who preached the truth? Housewives, students, retired persons, pastors, school principles, SMCI team members, a forensic scientist, a salesman, a caterer, full-time workers--people from many nations with one thing in common--a decision to be participating in Great Commission living!

The Week 1 e-Campaign focused on Leyte and Cebu! Pray for the teams who will follow up!

There have been 62,352 decisions for the LORD in just the first week of the e-Campaign! We are rejoicing to see how the LORD has opened new doors for the Gospel to enter schools we have never been to before. We have seen time and time again faculty members requesting SMCI to come and give Bible Studies on campus for the follow up during the next year.

We have also seen disruption in travel, delay on the road, doors closed at the last minute or time cut to 5 minutes per room! But the LORD is having His way and we need your prayer warriors to carry on in the battle.

e-Campaign Gospel preachers are travelling still tonight to their next assignments!

Next Week: e-Campaign 2012 travels to Manila, Negros Main, and Siquijor!

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  1. What an exciting week. It's results like that, that encourages us at home to continue to be steadfast and faithful.


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