Saturday, 28 July 2012

Not Just Another Day at the Mall!

Day 26, Week 4
Friday, 27 July 2012
From the Team

Today the A-team went to the mall in between the afternoon and evening gospel preaching. While there Tyler (CA) and Chris Thompson (PA) saw a huge group of educators all gathered for a special event at the mall expo area. They approached the DJ and asked if they could have a few minutes to address the crowd about knowing Jesus and knowing peace in their lives. The DJ sent them to someone who sent them to someone else. Eventually, they ended up getting permission and Tyler opened the whole program by preaching the Gospel! 

His voice could be heard throughout the whole mall! 
After he preached, the DJ played the music from the . They found out afterwards that the event manager's wife is somehow connected with SMCI!  
Then, when we got to dinner, the Musgraves told us that every school they went to today except one had an absentee principal. We think they were all at the educators event at ICM (Island City Mall!) 
They took initiative on their own! Pm wasn't even there! How exciting!

Sent by Kim, A-Team and e-Campaign Visiting Teams Coordinator 


  1. That is so exciting!!! Praise the Lord for that opportunity.

  2. That is incredible!! So exciting!


  3. Praise be to His Name!!!

  4. go forth boldly preaching!


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