Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Week 2: Siquijor

From the Siquijor Team: 

Perla Joy and Aileen (SMCI Siquijor full- time staff), Andy and Mark (AZ), Ray and Mimi (Singapore), Edwin (SMCI Leyte), Michelle (J-team) 

We arrived Sunday evening July 8. After dropping our suitcases at the inn we had a quick dinner before meeting for our first prayer time. 

On Monday and Tuesday we met at 6:45 for breakfast and prayer. Our first preaching opportunities started at 8 AM. In each school, the Holy Spirit had gone before us. Time and again we were met graciously and granted permission to preach in each classroom for 15-20 minutes. In only two of these schools does SMCI already have permission to come for weekly Bible study. So most of the schools we went to were first meetings.

At each school everyone on our 8 member team preached at least once and sometimes twice. At a couple of schools the teachers asked when SMCI would be starting a weekly study group.  During our prayer time we repeatedly asked the Lord to throw the doors wide open so the permanent team will have liberty to proceed with follow-up ministry.

Each evening we met for an hour or more praising God for how He'd worked and beseeching Him to go before us, to convict sinners, and to purify His servants. One specific request that was answered is a letter of approval to enter SSC. Although it came too late for us to enter this e-camp, the permanent staff plan to make use of it as soon as they return from helping the rest of team with this week's campaign. 

Continue to pray for follow-up and outreach on Siquior though out the year! Pray especially for Ailene and Perlajoy as they are stationed there in the work all year round! 

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