Thursday, 26 July 2012

The First OHIO Team Ever!

It's the First Ever 
OHIO Team from 
Findlay, Ohio!

The OH Team arrived early this week making their entrance to Bohol in their cool royal blue shirts! They were met by SMCians, SMCI Int'l Director Mike Redick and the Bohol Chapter I/C who happens to be half of SMCI's newest newlyweds--
Simply and Benzel!

We praise the LORD this OH Team has already jumped right into the work!

The 7 OH Team members have been assigned to full-time staff SMCian Lilibeth's Team with Ron and Linda VanHouten (A-Teamers from the Western Slopes), Sunil from the India Team, as well as SMCian Anne! Pray for them as they have a busy schedule ahead! You can read their reports on their Calvary Baptist Church Website!

They Sent These Prayer Requests Tonight:
1. Speaking slowly for clear understanding, especially to first year high school students, while staying in the 20 minute time limit. 
2. That we would remain humble, and walk into each classroom relying in the Holy Spirit to work through us.  
3. Health for those who become car sick – travel time each day is roughly 6 hours – roads are not always favourable. 
4. Teachable spirit when receiving ways to improve presentations. 
5. Personal refreshment in God’s Word after spending many hours ministering to others.

Ron, Samuel, Dillon,
Sarah, Anna, Abigail, Linda


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  1. Sunil (India Team)27 July 2012 at 23:25

    "I had a very good time with Ohio team.. they were very kind to me, and encouraging me so much... Love you Ohio team. May God be with you. :-) missing you all.."


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