Saturday, 7 July 2012

Saturday On Negros

The Forming of Week 2: Negros Team
Saturday, Day 6

As the travellers began to arrive in Negros, they were met by the smiling faces of Pastor Mitch and Ate FilyJoy! Pastor Mitch is IC (person-in-charge) of SMCI  Negros and pastors the GrowPoint Church in Dumaguete.  Ate Fily Joy is the person who holds things together administratively and assists Ate Eishen in handling the difficult and important task of SMCI accounting! :) Both Pastor Mitch and Ate Fily Joy heard the Gospel and were saved in the very first SMCI e-Campaign!

Most of the travel has been completed with folks from 5 nations joining for this week's evangelism! It's exciting to see the international team the LORD has provided and see how each one has been gifted and talented to compliment God's plan for each day!  We are thankful to the LORD for the safe travel for many of last week's Leyte Team as they journeyed to Negros!

AZ Re:vive Ready for Action
The Singapore 2: Dynamic Duo team arrived after 2  flights early in the a.m. with the AZ Re:vive Team arriving later after delays. Some of them were immediately whisked off to preach the Gospel!

PM Training the Troops
In the afternoon the team had a time of prayer and SMCI Director, Pastor Mike Redick did the training for the newbies-among whom are JQ and Yiren from Singapore and Pastor Mike Sproul with the Re:vive team from Arizona.

Ate FilyJoy
Ate FilyJoy gave the briefing and presented the "ammo kits" complete with tracts, Be Ready Booklets and a refillable water bottle!

JQ Help Set Up for Sunday Worship
After a time of prayer and consecration, in their first bit of teamwork together as the new "Negros Main Team", they set up the church for the next day's Sunday Worship Service!

There's a great week ahead for the Negros Main Team. So calling all prayer warriors! Chime in and let them know you are praying! Appreciate the sweet spirits of the visitors who are truly "foreigners" in a foreign situation! It's not as easy as it looks! But the LORD is able and we will all see Him working in and through us as we surrender and step out this week!

It's All About Jesus... nothing and no one else!

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