Sunday, 15 July 2012

He Still Answers!

Sarah, Arizona/J-Team
Thoughts from Sarah
Week 1 : CEBU

Last Friday night in Cebu, our team arrived at our last school around 6:30. We had just finished eating our rice and chicken on the road, we're exhausted from a week of preaching, and had just enough voice for one more classroom.

As soon as we got out of the van, we stood under a covered entryway and the rain started pouring. Hard. The students were waiting in six classrooms, one for each of us, under nothing but tin roofs.

Josh de la Rosa and I made a run for the first two, just 30 ft away, and arrived soaking wet and deafened by the rain's roar. We looked at each other and yelled in hoarse voices, "we need to pray for this to stop!" The classes were waiting, so we both turned, pleading silently with God as we tried to quiet the kids and introduce ourselves above the noise. I knew that my voice couldn't take more than two or three minutes of this and the kids couldn't hear the gospel clearly. We were at God's mercy.

Then God stopped the rain. Only two minutes after the torrential download started, it stopped as if a faucet had been shut off. All was quiet, the students were listening, and God gave vocal strength for the next 20 min as we shared his love and grace with those kids for the first time in their lives.

We left the classrooms and returned to the van. Overwhelmed and energized by God's specific answer to prayer, we used the rest of our vocal strength to sing praise to him.

Your blood has washed away my sin, Jesus thank you.
The wrath of God completely satisfied, Jesus thank you.
Once your enemy, now seated at your table, Jesus thank you.

Sarah B, AZ Re:vive! and newest J-Team Member
She is joining the J-Team as a permanent team member in a RAN! 
Do remember her in prayer!
This was Sarah's second e-Campaign. 

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  1. Praise the Lord! That is a great story. Praying for all of you!


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