Saturday, 14 July 2012

Prayer Request

Prayer Focus Week 3

Praising the LORD for His mighty work and for His faithfulness!

At the end of week 2 we rejoice in the fact that so many have heard the Gospel and responded.  We ask that you pray for those who received and those who did not.  Pray for those who are contemplating and reading tracts and booklets!

Right now many teams and individuals are travelling! Please pray for safety, that connections would be made, that those being met would connect with those meeting them (often they don't know each other! ;)

Pray that the teams carrying on in the campaign will get some good rest tonight and tomorrow.  Pray for unity in the multi-national team and that the enemy would be bound.

Ask the LORD to stop the rain so the roads won't become impassable!

Much to pray about this week! LORD bless you and keep on praying!

Mike Redick
SMCI Int'l Director

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