Monday, 2 July 2012

Day 1: CEBU from Charmaine

photo by Yufang taken Day 1
From Charmaine, 
Singapore Team #1: GLCC Uth
2 July 2012 

Day 1

We woke up at 4:30AM for breakfast. Then we split into five teams to go to various schools. We left for the city at 6AM. 
My team spent time in prayer in the van. I remember Sister Karina sharing 1 Corinthians 13, reminding us that our motivation is love through Jesus Christ. That really hit me as we could not share the gospel to these people without having love for them. 
At 9AM, we reached PayPay National High School where we shared in six classes. I observed Sister Eishen sharing the gospel and it really helped me pick up useful tips for sharing. 
We arrived at Daanbantayan National High School at 10:05AM where two of our teams combined as we had 28 classes to share with. I was given a class of 59 immediately. Though very nervous, I prayed silently before speaking and as I spoke, it became less scary. The more I spoke about God's love for them, the more overwhelmed with love for the students. God had really opened my heart's eyes to see their lost souls. 
Through sharing the gospel, I was once again reminded of God's immense love for me as well and it was such a blessing and honour to be able to share this good news. Thereafter we had lunch at the school and arrived at Tabogon Roosevelt High School which had 11 sections waiting for us. I was assigned to a class of 50 boys and was quite worried that they would be tough to handle. Thankfully, God blessed me with a great class of boys who tried their best to understand what I was saying and to maintain order in class. The principal was also really hospitable and bought us snacks and drinks after we finished preaching the Gospel. 
After that, we left and reached Catmon National High School at 3:10PM and were assigned individually to eight classes. My class of 51 girls and boys was receptive and open. We ended the day at 4:05PM and proceeded back to our hotel. We spent time in prayer on the way back, giving thanks to God for His mighty works and His grace towards us. We safely returned at 5PM.  
It was truly a blessing to see God's Word touching the hearts and lives of others. This was also a good reminder to us about God's great salvation plan for us and how much He loves us. 
It has been an exciting day and I cannot wait for tomorrow. Praise the Lord!
Charmaine is from Singapore and  is on Cebu this week. Her team on Monday included Ray, Mimi, Eleanor, Gerald, Josh, Cassidy, Karina, Madine, Eishen, and MeiAnn. (These are people from many backgrounds and nationalities of all ages, knit together by the Spirit of God to proclaim the glorious Gospel!) Remember to pray for them. This is Charmaine's first e-Campaign!

Remember our God is great and not limited to the Philippines.

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