Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Penetrating Power of the Gospel

Andrew, J-Team/AZ
Thoughts from Andrew
Week 1: CEBU

We see the great numbers reached in the campaign and the great victories! God truly is doing amazing things here. But, I write the first story to remind those praying that we are truly in a battle and face opposition from Satan as well.  The second is a wonderful demonstration of God's powerful Word and convicting Spirit.

I was introduced in a class to speak by a teacher not at all sympathetic to our cause.  The teacher mocked me as I entered the class and told the students to "humour" me and to listen if they wanted to.  I could sense a spirit of rebellion as I began to preach.  While I was preaching on sin as a direct rebellion against God, a student in the back of the class stood up and began shouting at me.  "I don't care!" he exclaimed.  My immediate thought was to respond equally as loud and rebuke him.  Instead, I gave way to the Holy Spirit and kindly and softly replied, "You may not care now, but if you are burning in hell, you will care."  A hush came over the room, and I was able to finish the gospel message.  As I asked the students to lift their hands if they wanted to trust Christ, one student out of 53 raised his hand.  The others mocked him as he prayed with me to trust Christ.  I praise the Lord for silencing the class so that one precious soul could have his eternal destiny changed by the grace of our God. Why not pray for that boy right now!

The same day I was preaching to a group of 2nd year college students. Most were listening. Only two were obviously not interested.  One was a dressed very effeminately and the other his female friend.  As I began to preach on sin, I noticed that the two were distracting others.  The Holy Spirit led me to exclaim that sin is a choice that we make, purposely against God's commands.  At that point the boy was intently listening.  His friend was trying to distract him, and twice he motioned for her to leave him alone.  Tears pouring down his face, he was nodding yes while I was speaking about God's love for us even though we live in rebellion.  As the message was brought to a close, he was the first to raise his hand for salvation, and many, many souls in that class were brought into the kingdom.  I look forward to the day when I will meet that young man again.

Andrew P, J-Team/AZ
Andrew and his wife Randi with their son Andreas serve on the J-Team. This was his first campaign.

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