Sunday, 15 July 2012

e-Campaign 2012 On the MOVE!

Thank YOU LORD! 
There are many rough roads traveled daily throughout the campaign--both spiritually and physically! Thank you LORD for mercy, for care, for provision, for strength, for power in declaring the Gospel--we know it's from you and we praise You!

Internal Travel

Bye for now! The Western Slopers have arrived home in Grand Junction! They are really missed! However, they left behind 4 of their team members to serve on PMike's A-Team! Amazing!

After 2 weeks, it was back to Singapore and onward for these J-Team Members! It's the middle of the night at Changi Airport but that a Burger King cup Andrew? :)  They will be heading back to the RAN in a couple of weeks. Remember them in prayer!

Mike Redick leading the way in Manila to 
the Departure Lounge headed to Negros with the Manila Gang!

Karen Faller, David and Rick Cross, Mike Redick
Karen Faller-left (GLCC, now living in Manila)
 joined the Manila Campaign!
Rick and David Cross (father and son!) 
joined the Manila team mid-week and have moved on to Negros! 

The Manila SCMians got
Stephen and Christopher from Pennsylvania! 
The Manila SMCI team met them at the airport and then sent them on  to Negros in the a.m! Stephen and Christopher are the PA Team and we are glad to have them! 
This is their first campaign!

PM and the A-Team being welcomed in Dumaguete

Simon and Pastor Mike met Singapore Team 3 this morning
which is made up of the Slaves4Christ from GLCC and 
Team Grace from Grace Baptist Ministries!

Also welcome to Tim Adams! ! ;)

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