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Day 5: Ptr Mike's Prayer Daily

Day 5 
Pastor Mike's Prayer Daily

Day 5: Friday July 6
From Michelle (Kansas/J-Team) for The Cebu Team

"Today is the last day of the Cebu campaign. Our team has preached in about 100 schools in and around Cebu city. We gathered at 6 this morning for our final commission. Again we formed 3 international groups. 

One group was Mae Ann, Jen, Phoebe, Madine, (Philippines), Simon, Yu Fang (Singapore), Michelle, and Andrew (US/Java team). We preached on 2 campuses. First we joined another group on a high school campus. Then we drove a couple hours to preach the Gospel room to room at a university. 

Unfortunately we arrived late at Ocana National high school. But the principal   Graciously allowed us 10 minutes in the classes. Praise the Lord we were  able to preach in every classroom and place a Gospel tract in the hands of every student. "My word shall not return void" Isaiah 55:11.

We arrived early at our second school, Cebu Tech University, and spent time praying before we started evangelizing. Our team of 8 were given 3 hours to preach the Gospel room to room. By God's grace we preached in 31 classrooms. 

At 6 we rejoined the other 2 teams for dinner and rejoicing over the sowing of the seed and reaping of the harvest. After dinner, we re-grouped. Some of the team visited yet another school to preach the Gospel. Part of the team travelled about two hours to catch the ferry to the island of Negros where they'll serve next week.  Others will fly to Manila tomorrow to join the campaign there. A few will head home over the weekend to rejoin the prayer warriors.

From Michelle:  at the tech school today several teachers asked when and where an SMCI Bible study can begin on their campus. They are so hungry for truth!"

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