Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Day 2 from the Cebu Team

Day 2, CEBU

The Cebu team had an early start today. We met at 5:30 for prayer and breakfast. Our first preaching opportunity started at 6:20.  Today we divided into 8 groups. One group headed back up the mountain, most of the groups went to 9 schools in Danao. Two groups are speaking at a night school now.

My team of 7 from Singapore, Philippines, USA, and Indonesia  was privileged to visit 4 high schools. The third school was a science and technology school. All of our team Reported that the students were especially attentive and responsive.

The last school we visited was a Christian school. SMCI actually holds Bible studies there every week.

We arrived about 1 hour early and while waiting took the opportunity to share with some elementary students who were milling around outside. I used the coloured umbrella above their table as a wordless book to share the Good news with them. 

From one of the Cebu 
Team Members Reporting for All

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  1. We are praying for everyone! Keep going for God's glory and make Him known to all the nations!!!!


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