Monday, 16 July 2012

Day 15: From Trainee To Mentor!

Mentoring In the Gospel

One team watched and learned from A-Teamer
Ron V (Western Slopers/CO) as he preached
today in this mass evangelism!
After preaching the Gospel in previous weeks, pretty much everybody on the e-Campaign becomes a mentor! That is how the Christian life works--we make disciples-investing our lives in others to equip them to do the work!

A-Teamer Art Bloom (Western Sloper/CO) was John Adams' mentor today.

Sara Sproul (Re:vive Team/AZ) was Serene's (Team Grace/Singapore) mentor today!

Rich, Sarah, Chris

Rich (Re:vive Team/AZ) was Chris' (PA) mentor today!

Cheryl (Slaves4Christ/Singapore) was Nancy's (Singapore) mentor today!

These pictures represent just a few of the 20 new team members who flew in this week end! Please remember them all in prayer!

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  1. I praise the LORD for the mentors in my life. The Titus 2 women.
    I love the beautiful unity the brethren are to have, working together as one body in Christ.


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