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News Just In...

First Day on CDO!

An avalanche of photos and notes just came in! Will get them up ASAP!

This week there are 5 teams.
They are named:

Team Stephen
Team Paul
Team Philip
Team Peter
Team James

Hmmmmm... :)

This is Team Stephen:

Just Briefly...

Today on Mindanao...

   158   Opportunities to
            Preach the Gospel
6,438   People Heard
5,831   Made Decisions

From the Heart of Team Grace!

From Team Grace With Love!
Grace Baptist Ministries Singapore

Video done by Cheryl Chern! Thanks!
From Pastor Chung Howe Week 3, Negros Occidental
Team Grace thanks God for going before us to prepare the way into schools and hearts of many in the Philippines. God has shown Himself strong through our week in the 6 week 2012 e-Campaign.
We enjoyed getting to know SMCI better as we co-laboured for the cause of Christ during the week. They served us graciously by taking care of all the details, allowing us to concentrate fully in getting the gospel out! We greatly appreciate SMCI! We know that the work has just begun with the e-Campaign and SMCI will continue where many of us have left off  - reaching and discipling the many who have heard. 
It was truly a privilege  and a blessing to stand alongside our brothers  and sisters from SMCI and aid them  in the battle for souls.
We're praying that God will continue to bless as they labour continually in the Philippines!
Pastor Chung Howe  serves the L…

Day 29 PM's Daily

Pastor Mike's Daily
Week 5 Monday, 30 July 2012

Week 5: Ready, Set, Go!

All Teams Arrive In CDO

We rejoice that all the teams have arrived safely in CDO and were met by the SMCI team stationed there! It was a rough sailing for the team and many had a tough time weathering the stormy seas. They were all happy to see the dock! :)

It's an early morning for everyone--breakfast at 5:45 a.m. so we'll intercede for them asking the LORD to grant them quick refreshing sleep.

Pray for the people of the Philippines. They face these disasters every day reminding us all that "life is but a vapour..."  As the team headed for the ferry Saturday, waterspouts hit that coastal town and 80 people were swept into eternity! Homes lost, families broken. There is much to do in the work of spreading the Gospel!

Why not take these happenings and needs to Lord as you read, won't you?

I'll meet you at the throne! :) There's a battle to get into this week . . .


PM's Daily Highlights: Sarah, OHIO

Pastor Mike's Daily Highlights 
from Week 4 Bohol
Sarah from the OHIO Team! The OH Team have been great sports! PTL for their commitment to the Gospel Ministry! PTL for the OH prayer team back home praying.   The LORD is wonderfully answering!

PM's Daily Highlights: Anna, OHIO

Pastor Mike's Daily Highlights
Week 4, Bohol
Anna Dixon is from the OH Team!  We are very glad to have them with us! It is their first campaign! The OHIO Team starts their second week tomorrow.  It was a rough sailing today, so do remember them all in prayer!

Stormy Seas

Fr team in Bohol:

Captain decided we will sail. Pray the weather will stay favourable. We will sail at 1:30pm.

Pray us there!

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Pray for the SMCI CDO Team!

Week 5 Is On!

Art, Western Sloper A-Team

Pastor Mike's Daily
Art, Western Sloper A-Team 2012

Singapore Team LOVE!

Singapore "Team LOVE", 
whose team verse is John 3:16, has his the friendly skies! Last update they were in Manila awaiting their connection to CDO! Pray for them as they will be taking up additional responsibilities as 24 of their teammates are stranded in Bohol tonight! All is well!

It's exciting to see lots of e-Campaign veterans in this team! The CDO team is ready and waiting for you all!

"For God so loved the world  that He gave his only begotten Son  that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish  but have everlasting life!" John 3:16

As of Day 26, 27 July 2012


Not Just Another Day at the Mall!

Day 26, Week 4 Friday, 27 July 2012 From the Team
Today the A-team went to the mall in between the afternoon and evening gospel preaching. While there Tyler (CA) and Chris Thompson (PA) saw a huge group of educators all gathered for a special event at the mall expo area. They approached the DJ and asked if they could have a few minutes to address the crowd about knowing Jesus and knowing peace in their lives. The DJ sent them to someone who sent them to someone else. Eventually, they ended up getting permission and Tyler opened the whole program by preaching the Gospel! 
His voice could be heard throughout the whole mall!  After he preached, the DJ played the music from the . They found out afterwards that the event manager's wife is somehow connected with SMCI!  Then, when we got to dinner, the Musgraves told us that every school they went to today except one had an absentee principal. We think they were all at the educators event at ICM (Island City Mall!)They took initiative on their…

Pm's Daily- Stranded In Bohol!

Pastor Mike's Daily
Week 5, Day 27 Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Teams Are On The Move!

Lisa Redick28 July 16:27 Traveling Update:
-Green Bay Team in Manila waiting for flight back to WI
-Sunil heading back to India
-Steve and Chris Thompson in Manila waiting for flight to PA
-Singapore Team Love in Manila waiting for connection to CDO
-Pastor Mike and the team (24 people) stranded in Jagna for the night due to hurricane type water spout in Bohol.
-CDO Team ready with advance party already in place!

Week 5

As of Day 26, Thursday On Bohol!

Pastor Mike's Daily
Day 25, Week 4 Bohol

The First OHIO Team Ever!

It's the First Ever  OHIO Team from  Findlay, Ohio!
The OH Team arrived early this week making their entrance to Bohol in their cool royal blue shirts! They were met by SMCians, SMCI Int'l Director Mike Redick and the Bohol Chapter I/C who happens to be half of SMCI's newest newlyweds--
Simply and Benzel!
We praise the LORD this OH Team has already jumped right into the work!
The 7 OH Team members have been assigned to full-time staff SMCian Lilibeth's Team with Ron and Linda VanHouten (A-Teamers from the Western Slopes), Sunil from the India Team, as well as SMCian Anne! Pray for them as they have a busy schedule ahead! You can read their reports on theirCalvary Baptist Church Website!
They Sent These Prayer Requests Tonight: 1. Speaking slowly for clear understanding, especially to first year high school students, while staying in the 20 minute time limit. 2. That we would remain humble, and walk into each classroom relying in the Holy Spirit to work through us.3. Health f…

So Many Decisions-A Flash In The Pan?

Thoughts From Mark French
Week 1 Leyte/ Week 2 Negros
"What a blessing and encouragement it is for THIS current summer’s E-Campaign to see the fruit from LAST summer’s E-Campaign!On our decision response slips, there was this question: “Have you received Christ?... If yes, when?” In a few schools in particular, the answer was “last summer” or “summer 2011” or “July 2011.” And I found out later SMCI was at that school LAST summer preaching the gospel.When the gospel is preached clearly and in the power of the Holy Spirit, God gives fruit that remains. I praise the Lord for the assurance He gives a year later (and longer) after someone genuinely receives Christ."Pastor Mark French serves as Church/School Administrator with Northwest Valley Baptist Church and Arrowhead Christian Academy in Glendale, AZ.  This was Pastor Mark's first e-Campaign-we all pray it will not be his last!

As of Day 24, Wed 25 July 2012


As Of Day 23, Tues 24 July 2012


Day 23 Pm's Daily Plus: Steve (PA)

Pastor Mike's Daily Plus
Week 4, Day 23 Tuesday, 24 July 2012
Steve (PA) explaining what it means to believe...

Preaching the Gospel many times a day, day after day, is spiritually and physically draining. Pray for each team member  that every preaching time would be the most important,  that they would have the strength and  power of the LORD!

Day 22: A Day To Rest!

Pastor Mike's Daily
Monday, 23 July 2012 Monday, Day 22
Today the Superintendent of all schools on the island of Bohol proclaimed a holiday giving everyone the day off!  The LORD know exactly what is needed and makes the way! 
Keep praying, the LORD has answered and opened many, many doors! Tuesday's schedule is packed and most of the team this week are first-timers! Pray for them! 

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept...!

Week 3, Day 20
21 July 2012

On Saturday, the teams began to converge on Negros to head en masse to points north in Negros Occidental... that is, all except Tyler (CA), Josh (J-Team) and Chris (PA) from the A-Team who were sent on a special mission with the Negros Main SMCI!

They met Pastor Mike for mentoring and to hear the plan! They were to stay back in Dumaguete and preach during the weekend and in Mass Evangelisms on Monday morning! The LORD blessed and these are the results:

4 Mass Evangelism Opportunities 8,600 Persons Heard the Gospel 1,500 Made Decisions

Posts From the SMCI Prayer Page

Deoceline G. Penero Please pray for Edwin and Bryan they will preach the gospel to CWTS students in Southern Leyte State University - Hinunangan at 8:00 A.M. Tomorrow.
This coming Saturday CWTS/ROTC students in SLSU San Juan at 8:00 A.M.
Melisa Serata thank God for He's Faithfulness, We have experienced God's wonderful working during Ecamp here in Manila, great harvest of souls, and God granted us fine weather, Now we are experiencing heavy rains, this morning on the news some flights are cancelled, some schools cancelled their classes due to the flood, so continue to pray for fine weather so it won't affect the flights of those who will arrived and depart in Manila.

Team Grace (GBM) Heads Home

This was Team Grace's first e-Campaign!  Thanks for coming guys!  LORD bless and hope to see you next year!  Welcome home to Singapore!

Traveling Teams

Teams are travelling from many locations, all converging on BOHOL! Please pray for safety, some good rest on Saturday and Sunday and unity of mind, heart and purpose in the local team, current team and arriving teams!

Day 19, PM's Daily Plus

An SMCian's Testimony! :)

It takes awhile to get things started!  And it takes faith-believing that He will open their hearts!

Chris Thompson Striking Up A  Conversation Leading To the Gospel!

Chris Kehoe Just Beginning

A Fond Farewell To the Cross Fellas!

Praise the LORD for this Father and Son team from Colorado!   Pray for their safe trip home.

As of Day 19, 2012


Monday Begins Week 4 : BOHOL

Ask the LORD to open the doors to schools  throughout Bohol. Pray for power on the preaching and  eyes to see creative opportunities to  share the truth!

As Of Day 18, 2012


As of Day 17, 2012


Important Prayer Request From PM!

Looking Forward To  Next Week:  BOHOL

Mike Redick SMCI Director

From The e-Campaign Trail

Day 18, Week 3

From Rick Cross:
Hard to beat this! We had some extra time today so we went to the city park and watched some guys play basketball. Andrew jumped over to some of the spectators and preached Christ to them.  Seeing the whole group in prayer was very neat.

Day 17, 18 July 2012

The teams are moving over long distances every day driving long hours trying to reach remote areas with the Gospel.  Please remember them in prayer as the roads are sometime treacherous. Some are without internet tonight so no reports yet! They have been texting and many are sick, but overall, all is well!

Thanks to Rick Cross for these photos from Negros Occ
taken today:

Week 3, Day 17 18 July 2012

Day 17: PM's Daily Plus

Pastor Mike's Daily Plus
An Exciting Week 1 Testimony

Week 1 Cebu

"We went to Jen M's high school today.  She was save in SMCI and was so happy to take the gospel back to her high school! We took a video of her. "

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Day 16: PM's Daily

Pastor Mike's Daily
Tuesday, 17 Juy 2012

Photos: Week 3 Day 16

Today while some of the team members were preaching the Gospel in classrooms, several others met children along the way and started to share with them about Jesus! Art Bloom drew pictures that drew the children and allowed him to share!
What did we learn? Next year bring children's tracts!

Photos: Week 3, Day 15

Monday, Day 15
Negros North!

Day 15: From Trainee To Mentor!

Mentoring In the Gospel

After preaching the Gospel in previous weeks, pretty much everybody on the e-Campaign becomes a mentor! That is how the Christian life works--we make disciples-investing our lives in others to equip them to do the work!

A-Teamer Art Bloom (Western Sloper/CO) was John Adams' mentor today.

Sara Sproul (Re:vive Team/AZ) was Serene's (Team Grace/Singapore) mentor today!

Rich (Re:vive Team/AZ) was Chris' (PA) mentor today!

Cheryl (Slaves4Christ/Singapore) was Nancy's (Singapore) mentor today!
These pictures represent just a few of the 20 new team members who flew in this week end! Please remember them all in prayer!