Saturday, 30 June 2012

Emergency Vehicles Delay Western Slopers Take-Off In Hawaii

Western Slopers In Hawaii 
The plane from Hawaii to Manila with the CO Team 1: The WESTERN SLOPERS  from Pear Park Baptist Church, CO was taxiing for take off . The pilot had to stop and firetrucks surrounded them. All seems well now but they were taken by bus back to the airport. 
Their flight will leave at 4:38 pm Hawaii time and arrive in Manila at 8:10 pm Philippine time. (This is the 3rd year the Western Slopers have joined the e-Campaign!) 
Pray they will all make their connections with their luggage!


  1. Michelle ishie Cedana Onas4 July 2012 at 11:23

    We will be waiting for more updates... KEEP posted.. from: SMCI Manila

  2. The Lord must be preparing for some awesome work in the Philippines to see Satan putting up such early resistance! Praying for the teams and the outreach that many many souls are saved and lives dedicated to the Lord for His Glory and Praise!


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