Saturday, 30 June 2012

AZ Team #1 Is In!

SMCI Leyte Team BeBeng, Ate Joy, and Princess
 with AZ Team #1 NWVBC
AZ Team #1 Coming Ashore in Leyte! 

PTL for making the way for AZ Team #1 from Glendale NWVBC to get connections and make it to Leyte! They even had time for a stop at the wonderful WW2 Memorial at the spot where the Allied Forces led by General MacArthur "came back!"

They start tomorrow! Remember them in prayer as there is a lot of rescheduling going on because of the massive amount of disruption in travel! The LORD has the plan and we can trust HIM!

Tyler From California Is In Cebu!

Pastor Mike and Tyler, Cebu

Tyler from California has arrived safely in Cebu! This is his first campaign with us and he is joining PMike's A-Team! Welcome Tyler! We are praying for you!

The Musgraves and Spencer In Singapore!

After a 48 hour delay--up to Alaska, back to San Francisco, out to Tokyo and then on the Singapore, Jeff and Anna and nephew Spencer have arrived in Singapore! Flying on to Manila and Leyte in the morning!

This is 17 year old Spencer's first campaign! Very glad to have him with us!

Cassidy from Callifornia Arrives In Cebu! :)

Cassidy and LotLot
Welcome to Cassidy-- fresh off the long flight and straight to prayer with SMCI Cebu I/C LotLot for those fellow travelers whose journeys have been disrupted!

We are excited to have her with us as she is our first CALIFORNIAN to join the e-Campaign team!  (Pm and I are a little prejudiced being Californians ourselves-and very thrilled!)

Cassidy is part of this year's A-Team (joining PMike for the entire time! ) Remember to pray for her, this is her first e-Campaign.

Cassidy, Kim, LotLot

AZ Team 2: Re:vive! Lost Luggage

PTL!  The first two members of the AZ Re:vive Team from Tri-City Baptist Church in Chandler, AZ arrived safely in Manila!

S and J arrived but their luggage is taking the long round-about way! They are joining Week 1 in Cebu so we are praying that their luggage will be found and catch up with them there.

(The rest of the AZ Re:vive Team arrives next week! This is their second year to send a team to the e-Campaign)

NOTE TO OTHERS ARRIVING:  Please follow instructions exactly! Do not leave the airport until you are met.  This is extremely important!

AZ TEAM 1 Delayed/Missed Manila Connection

AZ TEAM 1 from Northwest Valley Baptist Church, AZ has missed their connection in Manila because of flight delays.  Please pray for them... they are supposed to fly at 4:30 p.m. today.

Pray specifically that they will make the flight with their luggage safely!

Emergency Vehicles Delay Western Slopers Take-Off In Hawaii

Western Slopers In Hawaii 
The plane from Hawaii to Manila with the CO Team 1: The WESTERN SLOPERS  from Pear Park Baptist Church, CO was taxiing for take off . The pilot had to stop and firetrucks surrounded them. All seems well now but they were taken by bus back to the airport. 
Their flight will leave at 4:38 pm Hawaii time and arrive in Manila at 8:10 pm Philippine time. (This is the 3rd year the Western Slopers have joined the e-Campaign!) 
Pray they will all make their connections with their luggage!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Travel Begins for SMCI e-Campaign

Andrew (Indonesia), Chris (Maranatha BBC) and Pastor Mike
board the plane in Singapore for Manila!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Prayer Request Update From AZ Desert Hills BC Prayer Team

This image is of General Douglas MacArthur leading an invasion force of U-S, Australian and Filipino troops on the Philippines island of Leyte, on October 20th, 1944. It was a turning point in World War II. Another Battle of Leyte will occur next month. It is one of the many Philippine islands which will experience the SMCI evangelism campaign. 

As noted in Lisa Redick’s blog, He Still Answers! 
superintendents in several education departments have signed the permits to allow the teams to preach the Gospel in schools there. Among them: the Southern Leyte superintendent, the Maasin City College president, the president of Naval State University, and the Ormoc superintendent of education. Many other schools and school-systems are being approached by the teams to permit these presentations: in classrooms and assemblies during the days, and at venues in the evenings.

One overall aim in this six-week campaign to begin July 1 : 350,000 people to hear the clearly-presented Gospel of Christ! Please pray for this outreach; their most-extensive in the years they have done these campaigns. 

Written By: Walt, Desert Hills Prayer Team AZ

Monday, 11 June 2012

The Road To e-Campaign News From Leyte

Praised and thank the Lord for today, for how...
Princess Ballesteros7 June 20:50
Praised and thank the Lord for today, for how He find grace and favor that he truly touch and soften the hearts of the
Southern Leyte Superintendent to sign the e-camp permit and even the STI Maasin Administrator and Maasin City College President. We rejoice and praising God for how He works each hearts of the Authority in the very especial way.indeed praise God of His word that says,"The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord,as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will" To God be the glory!

We arrived at 11pm tonight from Naval State...
Deoceline G. Penero11 June 09:24
We arrived at 11pm tonight from Naval State University, with a rejoicing heart to the Lord because the University President allow us to preached the gospel to the CWTS and the NSTP coordinator advice us to write to the President for the ROTC. We also rejoiced in the Lord for the approval of our letter from the DepEd Ormoc Superitendent today. Holy Spirit of God please touch the heart of the Northen DepEd Superitendent and Baybay City and Campus President and directors to approved that the gospel of Jesus Christ will be preach in every campuses.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

What Is SMCI?

Student Movement For Christ International (SMCI) is an evangelistic campus ministry led by Evangelist Mike Redick.  It was bourne out of the evangelistic missions fervor of Gospel Light Christian Church when the LORD brought together the dynamic combination of Paul Choo and Mike Redick. It all happened in Singapore during a move of the Spirit that began in the year 1999.

From it's humble beginnings with just one worker--one surrendered lady with a vision--it has grown to a staff of 90 full-time workers (plus many part-timers and student workers) ministering daily-- doing personal evangelism, discipleship, Bible studies, serving in their local churches, and even church planting when there is no local church who will partner. 

By God's grace, SMCI see's literally 1000's saved and discipled during each year. This past semester SMCI had 8000 students enrolled in weekly Bible Study/Discipleship on more than 200 campuses on 7 islands. 

The LORD has opened the door for SMCI to provide Advanced Biblical Studies as well:

"People don't usually stay in campus ministry for a lifetime.  It is our responsibility to prepare our workers for whatever the Lord has in mind for their futures--not just to use up their youth in this very taxing ministry.  Thus, we instigated the GPI (Grow Point Institute) which takes place yearly during the month of April.  SMCians are given 30 hours of Biblical Studies and receive a Diploma upon completion. This takes about 5 years!" 
--Evangelist Mike Redick, SMCI Int'l Director 

In just 13 years, the LORD has allowed SMCI to be part of winning, growing and sending out foreign missionaries, pastors & pastors wives, lay workers, full-time campus workers,  and Biblically grounded SMCians into the world!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Starting the Countdown to the E-Campaign 2012!

Just 27 Days Till We Launch the
SMCI e-Campaign 2012!

These are important pre-evangelistic campaign days! Everyone of you is important to the work--so let's get into the battle!  These are days of intercession asking the LORD to work in mighty power! Are you with us?

Please pray THIS WEEK with us for:

1. The enemy's efforts to be bound and confounded! Wisdom to deal with opposition.
2. Wisdom for the 90 fulltime SMCI staff as they make final arrangements with authorities on over 2000 campuses.
3. Careful completion of plans for accommodation and travel: air, ferry, van, bus, car, catering, guest houses, etc.
4.  Provision for all expenses
5.  Formation and organization of all international prayer teams
6.  The power of the Spirit of God on all who serve (visitors and existing team).
7.  Conviction of the Spirit on the lost.
8.  Pastor Mike as he leads and directs.