Wednesday, 23 November 2011

SMCI Mindanao First To Receive Bibles!

This past Saturday the SMCI CDO team received their first shipment of Bibles from the 
"I'm A Bible Sponsor!" gang!
They want to praise the LORD for this wonderful 
treasure sent by concerned and sacrificial brethren from 
around the world! 

May the LORD direct the path of every Bible!

You can join the "I'm A Bible Sponsor" gang on their facebook page!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

From The Heart Of Larry Ball

SMCI e-Campaign 2011
From the Heart Series

After  hearing about and praying for the e-campaign for many years I was privileged this year to become a part of it along with 10 college age young people from our church here in Arizona.  My purpose in going was two-fold.  First, it was to see and experience this great evangelistic opportunity first hand and secondly to expose our young people to a foreign mission field where they would be challenged to give their lives for the sake of the Gospel.

The opportunities to preach the Gospel are unlike anything most Christians have ever experienced.  We spent day after day going from classroom to classroom giving the Gospel.  Sometimes we had the opportunity to preach to the whole school at once in morning or afternoon assemblies.  My personal favorite opportunity was preaching to 400 ROTC students who were being carefully watched by their commanders.  The Philippine people have a deep respect for the Word of God and know much of the Scripture.  Almost every class could quote John 3:16 with me, however few understand what John 3:16 means for them.  It was a tremendous joy to be able to explain to them why Christ died and how they could receive the gift of eternal life through faith.  After preaching at a High School reserved for only select and high achieving students, a young fourth year student named Ted came up to me as I was leaving and thanked me for preaching the Word of God.  He told me that he had trusted Christ as his savior that day and now knew that he had eternal life.  I cannot help but to think of Ted often and pray that he will grow into a faithful servant of the Lord.

My second reason in being a part of this year’s campaign was to expose some of our young people to the mission field.  The impact on our team alone was worth the trip. Several have indicated their belief that God is calling them to serve on the mission field. All of them have become eternally focused and burdened for souls.  While returning home and going through the final security at the Manila airport I noticed one of our young ladies sitting near the security area talking very earnestly to one of the security guards. He had apparently started a casual conversation asking why she had been in the Philippines.  She took the opportunity not only to answer his question but also to share the message she had been sharing the past three weeks. 

I am sure that when some read the stories and hear about the numbers of souls reached during this campaign they will shrug their shoulders in indifference or roll their eyes in unbelief.  Having experienced this campaign first hand I would assure any doubters that this is truly a great work of God.  I heard one testimony after another of those who had been saved in previous campaigns and whose life was radically changed.  I saw the tears of a young student when she realized that Christ had died in her place. I have heard the emotional thank you from those have just trusted Christ and are trying to express their gratitude for our coming.  I have seen God move in a mighty way the past three weeks and pray for the Lord to continue to develop this movement in the years ahead.
--Larry Ball
General Director
International Baptist Missions