Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Update: e-Campaign 2011, Day 37, Tues 8/9 Part 2

e-Campaign 2011
Week 6, Day 37
Davao, Mindanao

Tuesday Danao Team B arrived at a college in  just as a religious service was ending. The plan was for one of our team to do a mass evangelism, but when the service was over all the students left! 

Kaylin (PA/ PM's A Team) asked our team to pray to ask the LORD to over rule, which they did! Our SMCI worker spoke with the school authorities who then announced over the school's PA for all the students to return. More came than had been present for the previous service! As it turns out, many of the students had been doing a Bible study with a pastor from town while the others were attending the religious service. 

Gerladine (SMCI) came to the microphone, planning to say, "Would you like to sing an action song?" But instead she said in her lovely musical voice, "Would you like to play a game?" She led the student body in a very fun game. All laughed and played along. 

Then she introduced PJeff. He said he sensed the presence of God as He gave the Gospel and many made decisions. While he did not have the garb and ceremony of the previous speaker, he had Christ's righteous robes personally and offered the young people God's marvelous exchange - His robes for theirs. Many made decisions!

--from Anna M (Pm's A Team)
(The Exchange)

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