Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Update: e-Campaign 2011, Day 37, Tues 8/9

Another great day of ground-breaking
 ministry with 3 more days to go!

Just in from Jeff and Anna Musgrave:
"Tuesday I approached 2 college age students on a USEP campus. As I began to give the Gospel, I discovered they had already made decsions and gave wonderful salvation testimonies. The exciting news was that they had heard the Gospel in 2008 through SMCI! Praise God for the wide-spread ministry of SMCI!" 
Many exciting happenings today:
  • On Negros, the LORD allowed Room to Room in an Elementary School for the very first time today!
  • Ptr Mike, Eishen and Kim flew to meet Team Two.  They flew in a tiny little propeller plane in the midst of rain and lightening! :) They arrived safely to rejoice with Team 2!
  • Team TWO reports they had power in preaching and open doors in a previously unsympathetic school and even found a sister to carry on and work with in authority!
  • Team ONE had the honour of reaching some precious deaf students!
  • And most amazing of all, today the LORD answered our prayer in allowing the e-Campaigners to preach the Gospel to over 200,000 hearers! We should have prayed for more! Thank you LORD! 
As of TODAY: 
4,256 Opps to Preach the Gospel resulting in 
215,039 people hearing the Gospel and 
128,478 people making decisions!

Three more days to go... please pray for power in preaching, safety, that the enemy would be bound...

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