Friday, 5 August 2011

Update: e-Campaign 2011, Day 33, Fri 8/5

Week 5, Day 33
5 August 2011
CEBU: City Team, Team Danao and Team Bogo

Today the Lord Allowed:

  • 46 Opportunities to Preach the Gospel
  • 1402 People Who Heard the Gospel and
  • 952 Decisions

News Just In From Team Danao!
"The Danao team had a great week, giving the Gospel day and night. I had to smile as I woke early on my birthday to spend time in the Word only to discover a brown out. My Psalm for the day began with these lovely words, "The Lord is my light." How true! We enjoyed a week with no closed doors. In fact, God opened unexpected doors.  
Yesterday afternoon we were able to return to Pusok National High School for a mass evangelism. The school was conducting a safety seminar and there was concern that the speaker would not be finished in time. As we waited in the library for our turn, Jeremy encouraged a time of prayer in which we asked God to allow this wonderful opportunity. 
He answered exceeding abundantly. PJeff sensed such freedom as he spoke to at least 1000 young people. They listened and responded.  
We had driven by a Starbucks and Jeff and Paul (SMCI) decided this would be a wonderful birthday treat. So we all enjoyed a very special coffee drink.  
Last evening we had another film showing and Jeremy preached a beautiful Gospel message about the lost sheep and the Shepherd. Many trusted Christ. We ended our day with Pastor Frupet and Ate Rosita and the new church in Danao and a very fun birthday dinner.  
There is nothing like the sweetness of working together with believers for the Gospel. Thank you for your prayers. God is hearing. 
--Anna Musgrave for Team Danao, Cebu"

From Team BOGO:
Thank you and all the prayer warriors so much for praying. I believe that many mountains were removed because of your praying. Praise the LORD. I had opportunities to preach the gospel at a prison, a finance company, a motor shop, a village, a village church, plenty of classrooms! Responses were overwhelmingly good. Praise the Lord. 
I thank God for knitting the hearts of the team together. Indeed it was an answer to prayer.- 
-Ptr Ian for Team Bogo 

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